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Microsoft releases Windows Defender extension for Chrome

19 Avril 2018

Google's web browser already take cares of malware sites and warns users against visiting phishing sites, so there doesn't appear to be much explanation behind Microsoft to release a Chrome add-on that does likewise.

With the feature finally released, it should keep most sites quiet for you when you're browsing. By blocking autoplay videos Google is setting a new standard for the web.

Aside from being a major annoyance, autoplay videos consume more data and can slow down the general browsing experience, which is particularly important when on a mobile device.

This is a feature that Google has been working on for a long time, and initially planned to roll out earlier. The plugin brings Edge's protection to Chrome, so if the theory holds, it should bump the browser up to 99 percent, too.

Among other changes, Google's updated Chrome policies ensure that users can always mute autoplay, while still enabling them to play a video with sound by clicking or tapping "play".

-On desktop, the user's Media Engagement Index threshold has been crossed, meaning the user has previously play video with sound.

Still, Microsoft clearly believes that its security solution is better than that in Google Chrome - an opinion that likely won't make folks at Google too happy.

The latest Chrome update is available for download for all users on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Click a web link within an email and the plugin will check an warn you if the link is rogue.

While the Pixelbook only runs Chrome OS, its hardware isn't - technically speaking - entirely locked in to the lightweight laptop (and lately, tablet) OS from Google.

"Site Isolation" also debuts in version 66, but for a limited number of users. This also includes video reports for news media sites and other ancillary video we often see at the side of a webpage.

Microsoft releases Windows Defender extension for Chrome