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God of War director reads reviews on video, shows true heart

20 Avril 2018

It's an wonderful achievement and makes us even more excited to play the game.

-The most interesting story-not a high bar to clear, but still, it's more than just Kratos being angry.

God of War releases today for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation4 Pro. With an added emphasis on discovery and exploration, the world will draw players in to explore every inch of God of War's breathtakingly threatening landscape-by far the largest in the franchise.

The second game brought more of the same. It makes the choice between different bracers and talismans more meaningful than simply which has the best overall numbers, and therefore a lot better than many studios which put these elements into their games. We've got some good news and bad news.

At the moment, God of War stands at a Metacritic score of 95, and this score is only tied by that that of 2014's The Last of Us Remastered. And it's why more than a few eyebrows were raised when it was announced that God of War, the reboot of the beloved PlayStation action series of the same name, would pair protagonist Kratos with a new character: Atreus, his adolescent son. However, it does have one very big problem: its plot. God of War is superior to its predecessors in every way possible.

The plot of "God of warfare" revolves around Kratos. That was pretty much it. The reality is - it's fine.

God of War is a drastic reinvention of the series. Sadly that all changed with the introduction of one pivotal member of the Greek mythology cast: Pandora.

As the game opens, we don't know why Kratos now dwells in the land of Vikings. You can see the expressions on Kratos' face, he desperately wants to rip this man's head off but his son being in the next room forces him to stay calm, and politely ask the man to leave. Kratos was an insanely powerful, blood-hungry lunatic out to get his no matter what the cost, and that absolutely included the countless corpses of innocent people caught in the crossfire.

Composer Bear McCreary, best known for his work on television shows like Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jane Foster knew this intimately, as each time she became Thor, the cancer in her body became stronger; Volstagg, who became the War Thor for a short time, grew more bloodthirsty from wielding the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Universe.

And then, all of a sudden, they wanted us to empathize with him. Like Kratos, Hercules was tricked into killing his family, and like Kratos, it haunts Hercules long after. The areas you have to go through to finish the story have a lot of extra paths and items, but you can also discover whole new areas filled with optional sidequests and generous rewards.

The last phase of the fight can be seen in the video below.

And much, much less of this. It's a great callback, and it helps add to the mystique that these Sisters are truly masters of time and space - which makes it all the more satisfying when you start using their powers against them. Kratos can teach us a lot of things about parenting.

As he watched them celebrate, the emotion of the moment hit him.

God of War director reads reviews on video, shows true heart