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Waffle House Shooting Suspect From Morton, Illinois

23 Avril 2018

That heroic act by a customer saved countless lives at a Nashville-area Waffle House, where a seminude gunman killed four people early Sunday morning.

Authorities are searching for Travis Reinking, who is suspected of carrying out a mass shooting at a Waffle House restaurant in the Nashville area on Sunday, killing four people. Authorities in Tazewell County, Illinois held a press conference Sunday afternoon to describe information they have on him.

Police said they believe the gunman discarded the jacket while fleeing to his home, where he put on a pair of trousers and then disappeared into nearby woods. He was seen walking, naked, on a road, officials said, but later was spotted wearing trousers but no shirt after apparently returning to his apartment.

Another report from the sheriff's office said Reinking barged into a community pool in Tremont, Illinois, last June and jumped into the water wearing a pink woman's coat over his underwear. A police helicopter and a police dog tried to track the suspect after the shooting but the dogs lost the scent, authorities said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced on Sunday that Reinking has been added to the state's Top Ten Most Wanted List. Law enforcement advised residents to keep their doors locks and report any sightings of Reinking.

He hit the gunman in the head with a door, then wrestled for control of the gun.

"Murder warrants are now being drafted against Travis Reinking", police said on Twitter. He worked in construction and was sacked from a job about three weeks ago, police said. He also stated he had proof on his phone, but he would not show it to them.

Travis Reinking approached a Secret Service officer at the northeast pedestrian gate on Pennsylvania Avenue on July 7, 2017, and told the officer that he had to get into the White House to speak with the president.

Police are still hunting for the gunman who was spotted walking nude along a road after fleeing the scene.

Early this year, the Sheriff's department in Tazewell County, Illinois returned the guns to Reinking's father, including the AR15 used in the Waffle House shooting in Antioch Sunday morning. They're also trying to explain why Reinking had a gun in the first place. Reinking claimed Swift had been occupying him, also that "everyone including his family members and the police" have been included, a police report obtained by Foxnews stated.

Police declared the scene clear at about 3pm, with no sight of Reinking.

Public schools are on "lock-out" security Monday in a Nashville, Tennessee, neighborhood near the Waffle House where a almost nude gunman killed four people and wounded three others. The man then went inside and fired several more shots, killing a third person, Aaron said.

As Cordero hid under his vehicle, he watched the gunman fire a few shots through the restaurant's glass windows before he went inside, he said.

Shaw had just gotten to the Antioch Waffle House with a group of friends after leaving a nearby fraternity party, according to The Tennessean. Four others were wounded by either bullets or shattered glass.

Groves was shot dead inside the restaurant.

Among the victims was 29-year-old Taurean C. Sanderlin of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, a restaurant employee who was fatally shot while standing outside. Shanita Waggoner, 21, and Sharita Henderson, 24, were wounded.

Shaw told reporters he had spent the evening at a nightclub and entered the restaurant minutes ahead of the gunman.

Waffle House Shooting Suspect From Morton, Illinois