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Google launches major Gmail redesign

27 Avril 2018

Now you can snooze emails to make life easier when answering emails.

By maintaining the simple look of Gmail, the more modern interface has become more useful with the tools that business users will enjoy with the addition of the sidebar.

The new Gmail features a task bar on the top-right by default, which hosts Keep for notes, Tasks - which lets you create tasks - and Calendar. Today we announced major improvements to Gmail on the web to help people be more productive at work.

Now you should be ready to go with the prompts on your Google account, and the 2-step verification screen will show you that Google prompts are enabled, along with any other prior 2FA methods you may have enabled (like the Authenticator app, SMS or physical keys).

Confidential mode includes built-in information rights management controls that allow senders to bar recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading or even printing messages.

Open your personal Gmail account on the web, click on the gear icon that is found at the top right-hand corner. It should be noted, however, that it is possible to screenshot an email and then forward the screenshot. As Wired pointed out, it basically allows you to make your email go into Mission: Impossible mode as it will literally self-destruct.

The new Gmail by Google among several other newly added features comes with a confidential mode, two-factor authentication, email snoozing, and native offline mode among others.

Assuming Google follows through in 2018, this type of functionality will undoubtedly impact email marketing, given Gmail's market share and growth (Gmail now accounts for almost a third of all email users). To determine which emails are important enough for a nudge, Google relies on artificial intelligence. You can Delete, Archive, Schedule and more...

Also added new things for mobile devices like high-priority notifications that will help you to stay focused.

From Wednesday, users will be able to update early to the new Gmail, while it will change for all users over the coming weeks. Machine learning will tune responses to your writing style the more you use it.

Previously, Gmail would put a small warning on an email it thought was a phishing attempt. "It is created to help users manage lists of tasks and subtasks related to work, for example-emails to reply to, meetings to prepare for, and documents to review", he said. This feature adds a couple of new security layers to the emails you send. The Tasks app is available via the Google Play Store (linked below), but if it isn't showing for you yet, you can also download it from APK Mirror.

The Gmail team's decision to create a new Tasks app is so disappointing because Google was successfully tying everything together with Reminders. The core functionality of this feature is to provide it added security in the face of data security scandals, privacy breaches, and hacks that have been frequenting the news.

Unlike the Tasks function in the old Gmail interface, the new interface makes Tasks available at all times.

Can't wait for the global rollout of the new Gmail?

Google launches major Gmail redesign