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Windows 10 April Update rollout begins on April 30, 2018

28 Avril 2018

The "Windows 10 April 2018 Update" is aimed at "giving back some of your greatest currency, your time".

If you can't wait for Microsoft to decide your PC is ready to receive the April 2018 Update then read our guide to how to get it right now.

Microsoft says the April 2018 Update will include other goodies like improved Mixed Reality capabilities and new tools for photos and system management.

In terms of Focus, Microsoft Edge is getting a few new updates that will bring it up to modern web browser standards.

We've got a complete list of everything new in the April 2018 update, and you should check that out if you're curious. Microsoft has not yet provided any information on what is included in this update. "Books, PDFs and Reading View pages can go full-screen for a distraction-free reading experience", the post added.

The RTM build, Build 17134, has already made its way through the Fast, Slow and Release Preview rings, and Microsoft has today pushed out an update which will tidy things up a little. You can now mute and unmute tabs and save your card details securely (not your CVV code on the back, you'll still need to put that in each time just like you do if you store your card info on Google Chrome).

As I've hinted, you might not know these features are here at first glance, and so the following are five of the more interesting additions and improvements to try, and why.

Timeline can help users resume what they were previously doing, even when they switch from mobile devices to their home desktop device.

Several of the new features coming in the April 2018 Update are focused around making you more productive, with Timeline letting you resume and sync activities across devices, and Focus Assist helping you stay focused when working or playing. You could argue that iTunes isn't necessary anymore when the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, and Apple Music exist, but you'd be surprised at how many people still prefer to backup their iOS devices or manger their music the old-fashioned way. Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet says the update will appear in Windows Update starting Tuesday, May 8.

On top of the new features for end-users, the upgrade will also bring several enhancements created to help companies better manage and secure employees' devices.

Windows 10 April Update rollout begins on April 30, 2018