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Restaurants show teachers, nurses some appreciation with discounts

09 Mai 2018

Covering school-related activities for as long as I have, I can tell you that being a teacher isn't easy.

Hooper's wondered what else she would do if she left the teaching field.

When Robyn Kravitz walked through the teacher's lounges, she was not too impressed. We instead should use this week to confront how the teaching profession has fallen prey to a ideal storm of factors, becoming one of the most underappreciated fields in America.

"I've got the little ones", Kindergarten Teacher Kate Hooper said.

It's quite the responsibility, but the teachers I know welcome this responsibility. Why? "Not necessarily just something that would be a way to spend my days and earn an income". Bagels will also let you treat your favorite teacher to some breakfast or lunch on Teacher Appreciation Day with "20 percent off any purchase for pickup or delivery using the code 9053".

Duck Donuts (Chesapeake): Twenty percent off discount to teachers and daycare teachers off their orders from May 7 - 11. In 2015, Scott was named Bilingual Teacher of the Year by the Wisconsin Association for Bilingual Education. The average in Texas is $52,575.

Every day in schools across the country, teachers touch the lives of millions of children, and their work and impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. "To know that because of your teaching, that child can subtract, or read, or make eye contact, makes the hard days on the job worth it". "I nearly cried last week when a parent showed up in my doorway with a steaming hot coffee - how did she know that's what I needed?" said Erica Holloway, director at Sanlando Christian School in Longwood.

But despite the pay, Hobart said it is more than money.

"As an educator, I hope to spark a love of learning in all of my students", Teague said.

Restaurants show teachers, nurses some appreciation with discounts