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Updated Google virtual assistant makes complex calls for users

09 Mai 2018

At Google I/O, the company's annual development conference, Pichai announced that users will be able to set up notifications reminding them to take a break after if they watch too much YouTube. Just go to the dedicated page, log in with your Google account and select which smartphone you want to update.

- Gboard (beta) is now available in Morse code. Like last year, the Android P may debut in August this year. Again, Google is relying on AI to collect stories and other information for these topics - and the system works in real time as events happen and new stories are published, Upstill said. Flip the phone over and it turns on Do Not Disturb mode.

The new Android dashboard will be the control hub for the time spent on your device. In this second preview of Android P there is a new feature called Adaptive Battery which will adjust the battery consumption of various apps based on your usage patterns.

Chief Executive Sundar Pichai and other officials said Google should find ways to reduce stress from technology and improve customers' "digital well-being". Like, not just dialing a number, but calling a human and having a full conversation with them?

"This approach means Google News understands the people, places and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another", he wrote.

The Google Assistant has new voices, which introduced themselves to the audience during the keynote. Post signing-up, users will get a prompt on their Pixel device about the update being available and that it can be installed. It will also encourage kids to be polite by thanking them when they say please, similar to a feature Amazon is bringing to its Alexa voice assistant.

Artificial intelligence was at the heart of every product and service Google presented at the yearly developer conference.

One of the top features to hit the Assistant will be continued conversations.

A phone call to a hairstylist.

The Assistant was talking just like a real person making it hard to differentiate if you are talking to Assistant or a real person.

Delivering his keynote speech at the conference, Pichai said, "Towards the end of past year it came to my attention that we had a major bug in one of our core products". For example, saying "What's the weather like in NY and in Austin?" will give you the weather in NY and in Austin. The reimagined Google News uses a fresh pair of AI methods to have a constant stream of data as it strikes the internet analyze it instantly and arrange it to storylines.

At the same time, this is an early Beta you have to enable to gain access to. Meanwhile dragging the home button right lets you quickly scroll through your recent apps in horizontal card view (it doesn't work if you drag to the left). It can also provide context about the words, such as linking to a Spotify artist when you photograph a concert poster.

Real-time information - by including the Google Lens technology directly into the camera app, users no longer have to first take a picture and then perform a query. For example, "I haven't seen you" might be autocompleted to "I haven't seen you in a while and I hope you're doing well".

What makes this even better is the fact that you don't have to wait for News to be released.

"We are at an important inflection point in computing", said Pichai.

Updated Google virtual assistant makes complex calls for users