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Google Lens for OnePlus 5T, 5, 3T and 3 is Coming

10 Mai 2018

The Swedish carmaker's next-gen Sensus system to be based on Google's OS; will feature useful Google Play services. Let's take a look at each one of them. Google showed off the future of its assistant, and it's mind-blowing stuff.

What more do you expect from the Google I/O 2018 conference?

But in order to tackle this issue, the Google AI team made a decision to create a new technology, Google Duplex, capable of keeping natural conversations on specific, closed domains, so it can master their nuances and sound more human-like. At its annual developer conference Google I/O, the company said these six options, which feature both male and female voices, would be rolled out later this year.

The search giant aims to make Google Assistant and other services so useful that people can not live without them - or the search results that drive its advertising business.

Within this platform, the company has unveiled a range of new application programming interfaces (APIs) including text recognition, smart reply, barcode scanning and face detection. Similarly, the concept of multiple actions, which allowed the Google assistant to do various activities simultaneously, was introduced. The insights that are possible may seem creepy to some people, but if used responsibly, they allow Google to provide powerful contextual information to its users. Android P will come standard with a new feature called adaptive battery, which will conserve your phone battery life by predicting which apps you use often, and others you don't, by utilizing less CPU power. That's cool. Isn't it? It will now give you a quick overview of your day along with suggestions that will be based on the time, day and your interactions with Google Assistant. The product will become available to consumers later this year.

At Google's I/O event, VP of engineering for Android Dave Burke explained their decision to change the navigation system of the OS with Android P. He said that the new navigation gestures were made for the objective of "making Android simpler but also more approachable". Moreover, the Adaptive Brightness will automatically adjust the brightness of your screen's device by taking into view your preference for it.

Later this summer, Google Assistant will be coming to Google Maps. As part of Volvo's system, the tool will enable you to control functions such as air-conditioning, music apps and sending messages.

Google Lens for OnePlus 5T, 5, 3T and 3 is Coming