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Calorie Count Coming To More Menus Near You

11 Mai 2018

The US Food and Drug Administration last year extended the date for national compliance by a year.

The interesting thing about calorie counts is that, while they undoubtedly offer more transparency around the foods we choose to eat, there's not a lot of evidence to show they affect people's purchasing decisions. Although there have been many delays in implementing the law, it finally went into effect on Monday.

That's not much, but FDA head Scott Gottlieb cited that finding while defending the new menu guidelines.

Using McDonald's Calorie Counter, consumers can limit their calorie intake to 440 calories by ordering an Egg McMuffin (300), a small orange juice (140), and black coffee.

It's taken a long time to get here, but all restaurants with 20 or more outlets must post the calorie counts and other nutritional information on their menus.

Menu labelling also has been shown to spur restaurants to reduce the calories in their foods, the group said. In 2011, researchers examined seven studies that looked at calorie postings and found that only two of them reported a statistically significant drop in calories purchased. It comes out to less than a cookie a day, he points out.

President Donald Trump has made a decision to allow one of Obamacare's rules to remain.

Not so fast. Our research, which is forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, suggests that we should not dismiss calorie labeling just yet, and that a trivially simple intervention can considerably increase the impact of calorie labels on consumers' food orders. Will that help trim America's expanding waistlines and lead to healthier eating? "This is somehow perceived as an Obama regulation and not a Trump regulation".

The question-and-answer style guidance includes graphics and pictures to illustrate the many ways that industry can comply with the provisions of the menu labeling final rule.

The regulation is meant to offer more transparency to consumers to encourage healthier eating choices. Calorie counts don't have to be included on marketing materials, and companies can provide a calorie range on "build your own" foods such as pizzas. "That said, our members have exerted an extraordinary effort in analyzing and labeling hundreds and in some cases, more than 1,000 items, thus enabling customers to identify more clearly the wide array of healthy options available in a grocery store".

Calorie Count Coming To More Menus Near You