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Companies detail payments to Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen

11 Mai 2018

But a source with knowledge of the matter said it was logical to seek "insights" about the new administration from one of Trump's longtime confidants.

Avenatti is responding on Twitter, calling Cohen's filing Wednesday "baseless, improper and sanctionable". Michael Cohen: "His document is inaccurate". It says its contract with him expired in December 2017. They also raised questions about whether Trump knew about the arrangement. She has sued both Trump and Cohen.

"The Michael Cohen who apparently received this wire is a Canadian citizen who has conducted foreign aid work for Actuarial Partners in Tanzania - not the plaintiff Michael D. Cohen in this case", Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said in response to one of the payments allegedly made to his client. "I think it's really shortsighted for the media to take nearly everything this guy says as gospel and I think they are embarrassing themselves every night on this".

In television interviews, attorney Michael Avenatti also called for the release of bank records detailing hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to Cohen's Essential Consultants LLC made by AT&T T.N , Novartis AG NOVN.S , Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd 047810.KS and Columbus Nova LLC, a New York-based investment firm linked to businessman Viktor Vekselberg, who has ties to the Kremlin. Those documents also revealed Cohen was aggressively pitching large corporations access to the president shortly after the 2016 election.

"I don't believe that Michael Cohen is registered as a lobbyist", Avenatti continued.

The drugmaker, which has not been accused of any illegal activity, made monthly payments of $100,000 to Cohen's Essential Consultants between February 2017 and January 2018.

If Trump had some kind of legal exposure, Giuliani said, Russian Federation special counsel Robert Mueller would not have passed on the information to federal prosecutors in NY who are investigating Cohen's business dealings. KAI said its contract with the company, Essential Consultants, ended in November.

Richard D. Owens, an attorney for Columbus Nova, released a statement saying the company was "solely owned and controlled by Americans" and that Vekselberg played no role in its decision to pay Cohen. Called Columbus Nova, Vekselberg's firm paid $500,000 to Cohen's DE entity, which, as it had turned out, was used for hush money payments, including the payment made to Stormy Daniels.

As for Novartis, it was concerned about Mr. Trump's pledges to end Obamacare and his complaints about high drug prices. Meanwhile, the Treasury Department's inspector general said it was examining whether confidential financial records related to Mr. Cohen were leaked.

Under the company's yearlong contract, Mr. Cohen provided advice on how AT&T should approach the merger and various regulatory issues, according to a company note to employees.

One Republican strategist described Cohen's pitch as follows: "I don't know who's been representing you, but you should fire them all".

A spokesman for the company told The Washington Post that Frederick Intrater was not acting on behalf of Columbus Nova when he registered the sites, even though he had used his company email address and listed the organization.

In a statement the company says it "cooperated fully with the Special Counsel's office and provided all the information requested", according to Newsweek.

Companies detail payments to Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen