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County has state's closest margin of Dems, GOP voters

11 Mai 2018

As of Thursday, according to information on the Kansas Secretary of State's website, only 65 Democrats had officially filed to run for House seats - including 35 of the 40 incumbent Democrats who are running for re-election - and some districts have more than one Democratic candidate.

Democrats will also vote for their nominee for United States Representative in the 1st Congressional District, the seat now occupied by Republican James Comer.

Mitchell County has 10,940 registered voters and 2,325 ballots were cast.

Tyler County had the highest turnout of 38.48 percent.

Ohio Republicans are pledging to show the swing state is still Trump country, and the president is cheering them on while getting return fire on Twitter from a Barack Obama appointee seeking the governorship.

Two years ago, Ohio Republicans spun the number of crossover voters - those who previously voted a Democratic primary ballot - as new Republicans.

Northern Kentucky's populous Campbell, Kenton and Boone counties each have more Republicans than Democrats, but they also have large numbers of independent voters, according to Cross' analysis.

The May 22 Primary Runoff Election is still on with early voting starting Monday, May 14. Voters also are divided nearly evenly over whether the country would be better off with the Democrats in control of Congress (31%) or with the GOP in charge (30%).

The Point: None of this is definitive proof that Republicans will be able to beat back the Democratic wave. Opposition to Trump has not led to increased support for the Democratic Party as an institution, despite victories in certain races. Krvaric says a focus on state-level policies will rev up right-of-center turnout, benefiting Republican candidates no matter their place on the ballot.

"Protest organizers are opposed to his tax plan because it will add $20 trillion to our national debt, and it benefits corporations and the wealthy at the expense of middle- and lower-income Americans", the coalition said in a news release. As a result, many people stayed home; so many, in fact, that had "did not vote" been a candidate, it would have won 471 electoral votes.

"Starting today and until November need to daily work to elect more Republicans so we can continue to make America great again", said trump, referring to his campaign slogan.

Trump, who scored a decisive victory in OH over Hillary Clinton in 2016 after Obama carried the state twice, sent a congratulatory Tweet for DeWine, a former US senator.

Throughout the rally, his applause lines focused on the kinds of hot-button issues that Trump hopes will turn out partisans such as the border wall, bringing back American steel, standing for the national anthem, moving the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and "saying Merry Christmas again".

Obama suffered broad losses in Congress and in statehouses during the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, an outcome Trump hopes to avoid. They are not moved by Trump's other scandals, with 78 percent feeling that the media is paying too much attention to the President's relationships with Russian Federation.

Brown says that shouldn't worry Democrats when it comes to November. Robert "Tommy" Tomlinson. And in Delaware County, two Democrats - Swarthmore Mayor Tim Kearney and former Philadelphia prosecutor Tanner Rouse - are vying for the chance to challenge incumbent State Sen.

OH voters don't register with a party.

"Because we maintained neutrality, we were not pushing the vote out".

County has state's closest margin of Dems, GOP voters