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European Leaders Trying to Keep Iran Nuclear Deal Alive

11 Mai 2018

Iran's parliament has called for a "proportional and reciprocal action" in response to President Donald Trump's decision to pull the USA out of a deal which halted Iran's nuclear program.

Fourth, Trump's decision to renege on an global agreement harms U.S. credibility and its relationship with other world powers.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain announced on Tuesday their support for USA withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, with Riyadh's ambassador to Washington blasting Tehran's malicious behaviour in the Middle East.

Reacting to reports that Mr. Trump wants to force "regime change" in Iran, the ayatollah said, "wait for the day when Trump is dead, his corpse is fed on by snakes and insects, but the system of the Islamic Republic will still be standing".

But Trump, a severe critic of the deal dating back to his 2016 presidential campaign, said Tuesday in a televised address from the White House that it was "defective at its core".

The Foreign Secretary vowed Britain "has no intention of walking away" from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) despite the US President's decision to pull out of the worldwide agreement with Iran.

The 2015 deal had placed unprecedented restrictions on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief. Although Trump gave no explicit evidence that Iran violated the deal, he said Iran had clearly lied in the past and could not be trusted. He said Iran would decide in "a few weeks" whether to ramp up enrichment.

On Wednesday, Trudeau said the Iran nuclear deal wasn't ideal, but it helped prevent that country from developing a nuclear weapon.

Even before Trump's Tuesday announcement, Western businesses had been reluctant to take the plunge into a country still subject to multiple curbs imposed by Washington.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said the United States would re-impose previous sanctions on "Iran's port operators, and shipping and shipbuilding sectors, including on the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL), South Shipping Line Iran, or their affiliates".

Mentioning Rouhani's determination to protect the deal, Khamenei stated, "I don't trust these three European Union countries either". The exhortation from Khamenei, who has final say on all state matters, follows a pattern of Iranian leaders declaring their nation's ability to resist foreign pressure or interference.

Members of Russia's Permanent Security Council, at a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, today expressed their "deep concern" over the USA decision and highlighted the importance of the document.

"China is the country most likely to fill the shoes of the USA", analyst Alex Vatanka, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, told Business Insider.

China's Xinhua news agency also reported on May 9 that China's special envoy for the Middle East, Gong Xiaosheng, said after meeting with Iranian officials that the multilateral deal was "very serious and important".

European Leaders Trying to Keep Iran Nuclear Deal Alive