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France's Macron and Iran's Rouhani agree to stick to landmark nuclear deal

11 Mai 2018

President Trump ignored the advice.

During his speech Tuesday, Trump said the nuclear non-proliferation accord forged under the Obama administration in 2015 should never have been signed, and fulfilled a campaign promise to end the U.S.'s involvement.

Speaking in the White House yesterday, Mr Trump said: "I would advise Iran not to start their nuclear programme".

"The first feeling I got, my family and I, was that we should not stay here anymore", said Katayoon Soltani, an accountant. "If they do, there will be very severe effect".

Le Drian said that "we are ready to work on a widened accord" that would address Trump's concerns about the 2015 deal aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The move offers Trump a domestic victory, fulfilling a longstanding campaign promise, and sent oil prices surging to levels not seen in three years - but the long-term impact for United States foreign policy and for the Middle East was less clear.

He said the USA - along with Saudi Arabia - had hoped to wage war on Iran but had shifted its focus to economic warfare after the military option had proven unfeasible.

Iran's rhetoric & aggressive regional actions were the background to a flawed deal.

But he also said Iran would discuss its response with other parties to the deal before announcing a decision. We should not accept that American law is applicable for third countries and for companies outside the US. The mistake our European leaders did in the past - in 2014/2015 - when we had sanctions that they were silently accepting this instrument of secondary sanctions.

Anu Anand: Why? Do they have confidence that the European leaders, including your own Chancellor Merkel can broker a deal that avoids USA punishment?

Applauding Trump correction
France's Macron and Iran's Rouhani agree to stick to landmark nuclear deal

China regrets the US decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) signed in 2015, according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang Wednesday.

The US Treasury has said that there will be wind-down periods of 90 and 180 days before sanctions are implemented.

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition said "Trump is showing his true colours here as a warmonger, not a peace maker". French President Emmanuel Macron is due to speak to Rouhani later in the day.

He therefore conveniently characterized the deal as an "executive agreement" that did not require congressional approval, even by a simple majority.

"U.S. sanctions will target critical sectors of Iran's economy".

Russian Federation said late Tuesday it was "deeply disappointed" by the US decision to pull out of the deal, and ready to work with other parties to keep it alive.

Ramaphosa said the South African government urged the other parties of the JCPOA to continue to honour their commitments under the agreement.

Whatever sanctions the USA decides to impose on Iran, these will take time to effect oil prices.

Iran has an important role to play here: it is the third biggest oil producer of Opec cartel, and leading up to this event, we have witnessed panic amidst traders who pushed the price of oil higher.

France's Macron and Iran's Rouhani agree to stick to landmark nuclear deal