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Hands-On with the Android P Beta: Gesture Navigation

11 Mai 2018

The announcement at Google I/O, an annual event held since 2008 to share new tools and strategies with creators of products that work with Google software and hardware, shows how the company is responding to rising competition from big tech companies over virtual assistants, shopping and devices. Google has just announced the final and stable version of Android Things 1.0, its operating system for IoT devices. Right now the new OS is simply called "Android P" but you can expect it to get a cuter name later this year when it's released to the public. Overall, smartphone users will love what Google has in store for them even though it hasn't revealed what "P" stands for.

The iPhone X doesn't have a back button, but it does share some Gestures with the Android P beta. "In most cases, these restrictions should not introduce new issues for existing apps, but we recommend removing these requests from your apps". That's not saying there won't be some major new surface improvements, however. Nothing has changed with Android P. In fact, things have evolved with an integration of machine learning with the help of DeepMind. A new Dashboard shows you how the user is spending time on the device, including time spent in apps, how many times the phone is unlocked and how many notifications received.

Google released the second Android P developer preview on 9 May at the I/O conference. Using Project Treble, which rolled out with Android Oreo in August 2017 and simplifies updates and patches, Android P will offer an array of new features. Further, the Lens can also be used to search text like restaurant menu items, to view photos and also get information and answers about them.

NBR wonders how Google Assistant would have gone if there had been any other complication.

Perhaps the most immediately useful feature will be "smart text selection", which Google says will let you copy and paste any text you see in the real world.

Critics have urged the companies to halt the spread of misinformation and extremist propaganda, improve data privacy protections and play a greater role in combating app addiction. And if you turn your phone over on the table, it automatically enters Do Not Disturb so you can focus on being present. After the set time limit expires, the app icon will turn gray for the rest of the day, allowing you to reduce usage.

Android Auto also works on a vehicle's built-in display. In addition, Android P will have AI-powered reply suggestions to help users with their messaging needs. "For such tasks, the system makes the conversational experience as natural as possible, allowing people to speak normally, like they would to another person, without having to adapt to a machine". There's a feature called App Actions, which can predict your next task when launching an app. As with iOS, swiping up takes you to an "Overview" screen.

Hands-On with the Android P Beta: Gesture Navigation