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Google To Warn When Humans Chat With Convincing Robots

12 Mai 2018

Like with anything involving Google, you send a tiny bit of yourself or your information when you interact with its products. News flash: most of us aren't cool with robots being indistinguishable from homo sapiens. With Google Duplex, businesses can operate as they always have; and people can easily book with them through the Google Assistant. This can't end well.

Google Duplex, the Mountain View giant's upcoming futuristic AI-based voice calling technology for Google Assistant, was showcased at the company's annual developer conference - Google I/O 2018 - earlier this week.

What's more, if you have a Google Home speaker, you don't even need the TV remote to perform these actions.

Google might make Google Duplex less creepy even before it's released to the public.

"If AI Duplex identifies itself as an automated robot or the alike, then it will be up to the human to decide if he/she wishes to continue the conversation", he said.

Called Google Duplex, it works as an extension of the firm's Google Assistant - the virtual helper that responds to voice commands - by making the calls in the background when users ask to make a reservation or appointment. It also threw in little "ums" and "ahs" to seem like a thinking being. The outcome of Google's pledge, as The Verge reports, means that any person telephoned by a chatbot will be immediately informed that they are conversing with a machine.

Obviously, people were creeped out and had a myriad of concerns.

The unveiling of the natural-sounding robo-assistant by the tech giant this week wowed some observers, but left others fretting over the ethics of how the human-seeming software might be used. "There are very real and important questions being raised about the impact of these advances and the role they will play in our lives". "I don't think we could hire enough people to do that just for the United States, and this is a product we're launching in 127 countries".

Wavelength technology shortened the time Legend and the other voice actors spent recording. And to make it easier for you to have conversations with others, wherever you are, Google Translate will soon be available on all headphones optimized for the Google Assistant. It may not be as peachy and well-intentioned as Silicon Valley would like us to believe. "We must ensure technology's benefits reach people more broadly across society and that the technologies we create are trusted by the individuals and organizations that use them", Nadella wrote.

Google To Warn When Humans Chat With Convincing Robots