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Here is what Android P is all about

12 Mai 2018

A little icon will be shown to you giving you access to toggle rotation lock whether you want it off for this particular screen while it remains on in general. The company already has access to nearly everything you do in a day, but should it also know each and every appointment you're setting? This voice-activated software gives you the opportunity to carry out these tasks and many others, on behalf of an individual. "The ability to pick up on nuance, the human uses of additional small phrases - these sorts of cues are very human, and clearly the person on the other end didn't know".

What made the demo of the feature, called Duplex, so incredible was the Assistant's command of natural language - saying "um", "mm-hmm", and "ah" at various times - was so masterful that it was apparent the person on the other end had no idea he or she was talking to a machine.

Digital assistants are witnessing an huge rise in popularity with novel technologies being invented on a regular basis. "Today that is how most users interact with the assistant". As a result, there is a rush happening in the digital assistant market worldwide.

Right before the keynote began, the company announced it was rebranding its Google Research division to Google AI, thus highlighting the increased focus on neural networks, machine learning, and natural language processing.

That the many in Google did not erupt in utter panic and disgust at the first suggestion of incredible to me.

Google paid close attention while integrating the Assistant.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai elicited cheers on Tuesday as he demonstrated the new technology, called Duplex, during the company's annual conference for software developers.

In a bid to deliver transparency in technology and stay ahead of ethical pitfalls, Google has said that its Artificial Intelligence (AI) calling system "Duplex" would now identify itself while making appointments. A demonstration on the stage showed The Jimmy Kimmel live show on YouTube TV as an example of what Google offers that Amazon can't. With new updates, Google Photos will also allow users to color their old black and white photos.

The AI is even programmed to understand when to respond quickly, such as after someone says "hello", versus pausing as a person would before answering complex questions. Google gave a sneak peek into numerous new features and changes that they have made in their Google Assistant.

Here is what Android P is all about