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Sen. Paul on Sen. McCain, their opposition against Central Intelligence Agency director nominee

12 Mai 2018

She also pushed back at times, calling it a "tragedy" that the interrogation controversy had cast a shadow on the CIA's efforts to prevent another mass casualty terrorist event while the nation was still reeling from the attacks on September 11, 2001.

And the fact that she's a proud Kentuckian is a bonus for all of us. Oh, one more thing.

The statement came hours after Haspel testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in both open and closed settings.

Some Twitter users, who are fed up with McCain's obstruction of President Trump's agenda, had no sympathy for the career politician.

"I think Gina was Haspel patriot who loves his country and devoted his professional life to the service and defense of the Motherland", - said in a statement, McCain.

"My moral compass is strong".

McCain is not expected to return to Washington for the vote, and he may not be able to sway his colleagues to stop her confirmation. If confirmed, she would be the first woman to serve as head of the agency. I'm asking do you believe they were immoral, ' she said.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of six-term Arizona Republican Sen.

As part of the nomination process, Haspel does have to answer for her actions.

Being in the public spotlight is new for Haspel.

Her nomination is contentious because she was chief of a covert detention site in Thailand where terror suspects were waterboarded. Interrogators who didn't work directly for Haspel even engaged in a miniature revolt over torture that they considered egregious. But, then, just look at who her boss is.

Haspel said USA law now clearly prohibits such interrogation methods, and 'I fully support the detainee treatment required by law'. She also stated that it is of prime importance to recall the tough times that followed during the 9/11. Angus King of ME and Democratic Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va., told Haspel. Even the U.S. Army Field Manual, cited by Haspel in her hearing, labels waterboarding as torture and a war crime.

She has also emphatically stated: 'I don't believe that torture works'.

"You tell me that the only method we have is, 'Please, please, pretty please, tell us what you know.' Well, I don't buy that", he continued.

She further stated that she agreed that during the debriefing of al-Qaeda detainees the valuable information was obtained as subjected by the other members at Central Intelligence Agency. White House officials persuaded her not to step aside, and she arrived on Capitol Hill primed to defend her record.

Haspel said, too, that she "conducted myself honorably and in accordance with US law", and that she understands "the difference between right and wrong" when senators challenged her over why she went along with a program most now liken to torture, and the agency's efforts to cover it up.

Haspel also said she believes the USA should hold itself to the moral standards outlined in the manual. Tuesday, she addressed Sen. And Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced this week that he will back Haspel.

In September, Meghan McCain said it was "abhorrent" that Trump reportedly mocked her father physically after that health care vote.

More than 100 former USA ambassadors who served both Republican and Democratic presidents sent the Senate a letter opposing Haspel, saying that despite her credentials, confirming her would give authoritarian leaders around the world the license to say US behavior is "no different from ours". Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Sen. John McCain is not being treated with much respect by some of his political opponents.

Sen. Paul on Sen. McCain, their opposition against Central Intelligence Agency director nominee