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Iran Defends Syria After Israeli Missile Strikes

13 Mai 2018

Jets headed for Syria screamed over northern Israel for more than four hours, and about 70 previously identified targets were hit, according to the Israeli military. Thousands of militiamen armed, trained and financed by Iran have also been battling rebel forces alongside Syrian soldiers.

For years, Iran's clerical regime has chanted "Death to Israel" and supported Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas on Israel's borders in Gaza and the West Bank, which the USA designates as terror organizations.

Ghasemi went on to criticize the worldwide community for "remaining silent in the face of Israel's continued aggression, effectively condoning its aggressive policies".

"Prior to 1979, Iran and Israel were allies".

Iran has been threatening to unleash its proxies against Israel for some time now and the Israelis always take that seriously.

Moscow hopes that Iran and Israel will exercise restraint after alleged mutual missile attacks, the Kremlin said on Thursday.

"Right now, thanks to Russian military intervention, Assad is secured, though pockets of insurgents remain". The move has likely empowered the Islamic Republic's hardliners, removing incentives for restraint against Israeli and USA interests in the region.

Furthermore, the Syrian army has repeatedly seized huge quantities of Israeli-made weapons and advanced military equipment from the foreign-backed militants inside Syria.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that early on Thursday morning 20 rockets had been launched at its forward posts in the Golan Heights by the Quds Force, the overseas operations arm of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

Iranian state television reported that Syria had given a "crushing response".

He said he was not fearful but that many of those close to him were.

The U.S. and other countries view Iran's presence in Syria as an exploitation of the country's instability. This is something Israel will not accept. Israel has warned it will not tolerate its archenemy Iran establishing a military presence on its doorstep.

Was Trump's announcement a factor in the new fighting?

The confrontation came two days after U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 multinational agreement aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program.

Pointing to the civil war in Syria, Merkel said that numerous global conflicts today were flaring on the doorstep of Europe.

Iran's foreign minister will embark on a diplomatic tour to try to salvage the nuclear deal amid high tensions following the USA withdrawal and global fears over reports of unprecedented clashes with Israel in Syria, reports AFP. "The potential for escalation is much greater now than before". "They are not helping you", he said.

From a viewing point on Mount Bental in the Golan Heights, Conricus pointed out where he said an Iranian rocket salvo was sacked toward Israel just after midnight.

"The Israelis want to make this into an Iran-Israel thing, but it isn't".

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Iran must refrain from "further actions that will only lead to increased instability", and called on Russian Federation to press the Syrian government to work for a broader political statement. "This is part of a structural conflict unfolding between Israel and Iran in Syria". "Israel is afraid of it", Marouf added. Now, however, analysts say Iran is less likely to hold back. The cross-border exchange gave way to a war of words.

Iran Defends Syria After Israeli Missile Strikes