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Checking out a mother's love

14 Mai 2018

Mothers who have done well in looking after their children and their husbands deserve all the praise this day, in this one day in the year that families celebrate the special woman in their household.

Ana: That's what my mother taught me too: to work hard, be the best you can be to attain what you want. My "driving" allowed the vehicle to slowly idle through the park as Mom ran alongside throwing newspapers, and she wouldn't even be out of breath after all 70 were delivered.

She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep. May I'll also become a mother like you.

I shouldn't be surprised.

Queen Elizabeth's official duties came upon her while her children were still very young. And her mother, my great-grandmother, was truly remarkable. Someone has correctly said that the perfection of a woman is to become a mother and if the woman is depressed and spoiled by the society before she could reach the stage of motherhood due to rape and other social evils against her then the society is responsible for not shaping her to be a good mother in the future.

My paternal grandmother is still going strong at the age of 99! She'd go from being strict to kind, from steadfast to loving with incredible grace and made #bossmom a thing. You may not be my biological mother but you are not less than my mother only an incredible woman could have done that.

There are many specials and shows covering Mother's Day this year, but they are also gearing up for the Royal Wedding. My two-year-old gave me some artwork she did and a card called "Best Mom Award". Today can be a great day to compare notes, and introduce each other to the Mom only you knew. But, after raising six children, I got my first job. He was like, "What did the card say?"

Mom: "You just look handsome, dear". After all, to coin a phrase from a best-selling author: "We are the only ones who know what her heart sounds like from the inside". Here are some comedy movies to choose from - Fun Mom Dinner, Christina Pazsitzky Mother Inferior, Spanglish or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. As I have written before, love is an action word. I am so lucky to have found a mother in my nanny. I was once a teenage daughter! But then I'm reminded... our babies don't need ideal moms. They are loved beyond any measure and that's all that matters. This especially rings true now with these last few weeks before our son arrives. Consequently, from that particular year till this present time the celebration of Mother's day is celebrated everywhere in the world. That's Alice Cooper for you and she is exactly like your mom.

Maybe you can take the day to go through family albums, or maybe watch something you know she loved, or partake in an activity you know she enjoyed, whether it's something you did together, or something she did that you want to try your hand at in her honor.

Mom is incredibly disciplined, she eats nothing but salads and vegetables, I don't think she weighs over 100 pounds and she probably has better abs than me, despite her being 43 years older and me being a college athlete.

Checking out a mother's love