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Iran foreign minister sets off on tour to save nuclear deal

14 Mai 2018

Days after the United States president walked away from a three-year-old deal that mandated rigorous scrutiny of Iranian facilities, senior administration officials said monitoring should continue regardless. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a briefing that companies can request waivers or special licenses to avoid sanctions, and they'll be determined on a case-by-case basis.

In the CNN interview, Mr. Bolton did not respond directly when asked whether Mr. Trump might seek "regime change" in Iran, or whether the USA military would be ordered to make a preemptive strike against any Iranian nuclear facility.

US President Donald Trump said the deal was "horrible" because of expiry dates on its restrictions and because it did not cover Iran's ballistic missile programme or its regional influence.

His tour will take him to China and Russian Federation first, and then to Brussels on Tuesday, where he will meet with his counterparts from Britain, France and Germany.

Former President Barack Obama, whose administration negotiated the deal, called Trump's action "misguided" and said, "The consistent flouting of agreements that our country is a party to risks eroding America's credibility and puts us at odds with the world's major powers".

"This deal is not a bilateral treaty".

"It's a UN Security Council Resolution and it belongs to the entire world".

PSA has indicated interest in returning to the United States market, a goal that would force it to rethink its Iran plans.

The leaders of Britain, France and Germany tried but failed to persuade Trump to stick with the deal.

"Trump has recently described Iran as a country that is assisting terrorists; hence, the United States has de facto started a war against Iran".

However, Le Maire acknowledged he has "no illusions" that he'll get what he asked for.

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini insisted that it's not up to the determine the deal's future anyway. "The answer is no", Le Maire said. "The answer is no".

Babüroğlu proceeded to say that the tensions between Israel, the United States and Iran would affect Turkey, which maintains close ties with Tehran on a wide range of matters in the regions. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

Al Jazeera's Natacha Butler, reporting from Paris, said there was a "sense of urgency and a sense of frustration" among French officials.

"The fact is the inspections are and have been effective", she said. Trump stipulated, "This was a frightful one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made..."

On Wednesday, the European allies were seeking to salvage the nuclear deal and preserve their business with Iran.

In a first step, companies must wind down holdings of Iranian sovereign debt or Iranian currency by August 6.

According to the report, India under the Modi government have benefited from lower oil prices in recent years. "That means, it is concretely about damage limitation".

"I'm not doubting the good intentions of France, Germany and Britain and Canada - they have no leverage, now they do", Barkan said in an interview. We wanted to make sure that we were engaging them closely. Grenell told Bild newspaper.

Senior administration figures insisted that Washington is still determined to work with its humiliated allies to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. Sharp declines in its Iranian crude imports are likely over the coming months.

"America can not do a damn thing".

"The composition of what happens when we sit down with the Iranians is several stages out", the official said, adding that talks would focus on how to raise pressure on Iran "in a way that is constructive and conducive to bringing them to the negotiating table".

"These European signatories also can not be trusted".

Iran foreign minister sets off on tour to save nuclear deal