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Canadian-Born Actress Margot Kidder Dead At 69

15 Mai 2018

Kidder recovered and continued acting all the way up until previous year, when she appeared in her final film, an indie mafia movie called The Neighborhood.

In her personal life, Kidder endured mental health issues, including a manic depression diagnoses and injuries from an on-set auto accident that left her using a wheelchair for two years.

Kidder's representative confirmed that she died in her sleep yesterday.

"RIP Margot Kidder. One of my favourite movies of hers is the original Black Christmas".

Yellowknife-born actress Margot Kidder has died at age 69.

In a 2013 interview with WAToday, Kidder reiterated that she was a huge advocate for Donner, and her vocal disdain for his dismissal led to her appearing for less than five minutes in 1983's Superman III. "Who's got you?!" when she first encountered the costumed hero as she and a helicopter plunged from the top of a Metropolis building. Her career struggled after the Superman movies ended, and in the late 1990s she had a nervous breakdown and was homeless for a time.

She died in her home on Sunday (13 May) in Livingston, Montana.

Kidder also suffered from mental health problems, which resulted in her high-profile disappearance for several days in 1996. A spark of vivacious life in all of her films. She immediately sought treatment for her bipolar disorder and by her own account, in 2016, she never endured another episode. Kidder also starred in films alongside other Hollywood hunks, Robert Redford in The Great Waldo Pepper and Richard Pryor in Some Kind of Hero. As Lois Lane she played a sharp news reporter whose interest in the Man of Steel blossoms into romance.

Kidder acted in dozens of films throughout her career, including a starring role as Kathy Lutz in the 1979 supernatural horror film, The Amityville Horror.

She is survived by her daughter, Maggie McGuane.

She'd been married 3 times, although she'd been single since the '80s.

Canadian-Born Actress Margot Kidder Dead At 69