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Facebook suspends around 200 suspicious apps of "thousands investigated"

15 Mai 2018

Hopefully the company goes beyond what they did with Cambridge Analytica, where they apparently took the company's word for it that all data had been deleted.

Earlier today, Facebook released an update on the audit of third-party Facebook apps it promised to do after The Guardian and the New York Times revealed Cambridge Analytica harvested 87 million people's personal information without their (or Facebook's) permission. If they did, they'll be banned from the platform.

More than 280 people from almost 150 institutions had access to the full data set, including researchers at universities and at companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

"First, a comprehensive review to identify every app that had access to this amount of Facebook data", Ime Archibong, VP of Product Partnerships, wrote in the blog post.

The roughly 200 suspended apps will now be subjected to a thorough investigation into whether they misused user data.

Facebook suspended about 200 apps following its investigation into information access.

The investigation is ongoing and the number of apps that raise red flags could continue to rise.

So let's say a user wants to find out whether myPersonality had access to their information. They would also have the option of sharing data from their Facebook profiles with the project, with around 40% of respondents deciding to do so. They locked the data away with a username and password, but then students later posted the login credentials online, too, according to a report on Monday from New Scientist. In 2014, Facebook changed its policies to block apps from acquiring users' friends' data unless their friends had independently authorized the app.

As it stands, the data was accessed and potentially de-anonymized and used by who knows how many authorized and unauthorized individuals and organizations, and copies of it are likely in too many hands for it ever to be permanently and unquestionably destroyed.

While Facebook is still investigating mypersonality, the incident is worth noting because it provides some details as to why some of the other 199 apps might have been suspended by Facebook.

Following the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal and criticism, Facebook is slowly attempting to clean up its act.

Facebook did not name the 200 apps in question; if it finds evidence that they or other apps misused data, the company will list them on a page that now notifies people if their data was scraped by Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook suspends around 200 suspicious apps of