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Formula One: Car issues delayed Lewis Hamilton contract talks, says Toto Wolff

15 Mai 2018

Bottas' late retirement in Baku handed Hamilton his first win of the season on a plate - a result that edged him ahead of Vettel in the drivers' standings for the first time this term - and he followed that up with Sunday's impressive performance.

Vettel won the Monaco race past year, when Ferrari was 1-2 in qualifying and in the GP. I think it didn't change too much. "Race by race, we are understanding the tyres more". "I think in the sport and in technology we're developing and moving forwards all the time to pull us back", Hamilton said, as quoted on

"I'm not trying to be amusing, but I genuinely have no idea what they are doing or what they've changed or what they've decided", Ricciardo said. The tyres changed and maybe that suited others better than us. Verstappen was able to leapfrog the Ferrari as it sat stationary for an age, and despite front wing damage from bizarrely running into Stroll's Williams under the safety auto, Verstappen was able to snare a much-needed first podium of the year.

The 2018 season has seen some spectacular racing with three teams battling at the top and the changes proposed have not gone down well with nearly the entire grid. I don't know what happened. "It feels like a long time since we had a 1-2 finish, so there's definitely a measure of relief in how we asserted ourselves". If we can not see that then we are more than blind. Team boss Toto Wolff said the team's focus had been on beating Ferrari over the past month and would switch to contract talks when a better opportunity arises.

"We are not far from finalising things".

"But having such a good weekend here and winning by a solid margin is very important for his confidence". "And they are in the front, so can you imagine at the back", he said.

In Barcelona, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel denounced F1's rule changes for 2019, but specifically lamented a lack of driver consultation on the subject.

"I do respect (the drivers) and know how busy they can be. But I wasn't", he said. While the Prancing Horse seemed to have a measure of the Silver Arrows in the first few races of the season, Mercedes seems to have caught up and even surpassed the Italian constructor in the last few weeks.

If they simply had to stop because of a grained front tyre then so be it, but if they didn't then it looked rather odd timing.

"But what does it help? The bottom line is that we were not quick enough and that needs to be addressed", added the 30-year-old. That's what we have to address.

"It was definitely the closest it's been to some of the performances we had previous year". As the cycle of pit stops continued, Hamilton stayed out, pushing his lead to a staggering 14 seconds. He also struggled with the balance of the vehicle and in the end could only finish fourth. "Not sure what the gap was to Daniel..."

Formula One: Car issues delayed Lewis Hamilton contract talks, says Toto Wolff