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Google cutting paid storage prices

15 Mai 2018

However, for file sizes beyond what the free service can offer, users can sign up for its new service with several storage options.

Finally, Google says One will bring support for families.

Google will reportedly debut a new US$2.99/month plan for 200GB storage, plus a US$9.99/month 2TB plan.

The new Google One plan will start at 100GB for $1.99 - this is the same price as Drive.

The new plans aren't actually all that different, bar the arrival of a new 200GB option for $2.99 Dollars per month. For Google Drive paid storage space users, Google One would be coming as an upgrade "over the coming months", first to the United States of America, then to other regions around the world.

The roll out will start in the USA and then expand globally.

Look out for an email with details on your new benefits.

Access to Google experts, and more...

Family account sharing could be popular. Google has said it will notify when other countries are eligible for the One cloud storage. With Google One, the company will provide its customers access to additional Google products, including credits on Google Play or deals on selected hotels found in Google Search. This isn't a sort of rebranding of Drive or anything, but it should help users understand the company's cloud storage plans a lot better than before. That support apparently extends to Google hardware products Google Home speakers and Pixel phones in addition to software. If you're on the latter plan already, you'll see the upgrade to 2TB soon. This could be a little confusing as the old storage plans show up as part of Drive. For users who want to use Google One without paying at all, there is an option of using Drive's basic 15GB free space. On the other hand, Microsoft advertises its OneDrive services with four subscription options available. There will be a total of six plans with between 100 gigabytes and 30 terabytes of storage space. While some cite privacy issues when it comes to storing your data on another server, it provides increased convenience at affordable prices for the majority of users and there's no doubt that cloud storage has made things far easier than they've ever been before. Apple iCloud customers may share plans with family members.

Google cutting paid storage prices