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Marquee race for governor leads Pennsylvania primary ballot

15 Mai 2018

Other races may get more attention, but state legislative elections matter enormously. The primary runoff Election Day is May 22.

With a majority of voters, we, the unaffiliated, can swing the upcoming Democratic primaries for tough, courageous candidates who aren't taking PAC money and who are calling the establishment Democrats out. The professor, Daniel Spiegel, subsequently wrote a Your View that appeared in The Morning Call, making numerous same points.


Is something really happening here?

I think this is why many on the Left are riled up about the Electoral College and the Senate.

"We encourage voters to vote and return their vote-by-mail ballots as early as possible", Canciamilla said.

"If you want your voice heard in our democracy, the first step is registering to vote".

The new map means that Democrats could win up to 11 seats in Pennsylvania in midterm elections, said Michael Li, a lawyer with the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University's law school, which filed an amicus brief in the case. Already she has 10 opponents, including three challenging her in the primary.

U.S. Senate - Incumbent Bob Casey running unopposed for the Democratic nomination, while the Republican nomination is being sought by Jim Christiana and Lou Barletta.

If unaffiliated voters don't select which ballot they'd like to receive, they'll receive 2 ballots in their mailbox: 1 for the Democrat primary, and 1 for the Republican. "Maybe more so in the party of the right, but in general, the fringe now has primacy".

Tuesday's primary is different.

Bring photo identification to vote. Two of the top three Democratic candidates claimed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tried to dissuade them running. One is for voters to make sure they know in which district they reside under the new map that's taking effect this election cycle. In this system, voters are allowed to rank candidates in order of preference.

Only one race will appear on the ballot in each party's election.

PROGRESSIVES VS. MODERATES: In January, the DCCC put Nebraskan Brad Ashford on its Red to Blue program, effectively endorsing him and giving him access to party resources.

I like the idea, but, hey, this is stodgy Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania's primaries are closed, meaning you can only participate if you're a registered member of the Big Two parties.

Pennsylvania has almost one million more Democratic voters than Republicans, another advantage for Democratic candidates in a swing state that President Donald Trump won by just 45,000 votes in 2016.

But he argued, "Does that potential cost override benefits of getting more people engaged?"

Marquee race for governor leads Pennsylvania primary ballot