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New York School Districts Brace for Budget Votes

16 Mai 2018

The total cost includes legal fees, consulting fees, engineering fees and planning services.

Haas says administrators and school board members will get together next week to hammer out the final details of next year's district budget. Also vying for a seat on the board are newcomers Katrina Talbot Bratge and Denise A. Szarek.

School Board member Phillip Lewis agreed.

In Sagaponack, two candidates, Diana Payne and Lauren Thayer, will be vying for one seat on the School Board.

Donald Ashkenase was reelected Board of Ed trustee.

Voters in the Lewiston-Porter and Niagara-Wheatfield districts also approved budget proposals by healthy margins on Tuesday.

Each of the school districts have varying voting times and locations, so voters are asked to call their district or go to the district's webpage to learn when are where to vote. But Susan Binder has opted not to seek re-election. Set to take effect July 1, the deal also includes a provision that would allow the teachers' union to renegotiate base pay after the first year.

Budgets for seven Livingston County schools had been approved by Tuesday night's deadline for The Livingston County News. However, she echoed the suggestion made by others during the public hearing to put the school budget before voters and let them decide if the tax increase is too high.

But the council voted 7-2 to leave it up to the school board to determine where to make the cuts.

"We're asking a lot of the taxpayers", he said.

The Salina Free Library proposition passed with 92 yes votes, and the $1.5 million bus proposition passed with 1,587 votes.

By a vote of 2,344 to 475, voters approved the Great Outdoors Capital Project.

Three candidates were elected to the Board of Education.

District officials were anxious that voters would take out their frustrations of the state-imposed $20 million penalty on their budget vote.

Starks - 10 8 p.m.

Two additional propositions were approved.

Polls opened today for an opt-out that would raise taxes to support the West Central school district schools.

The district's average tax rate would be $13.94 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, up from $13.88 per $1,000 in the current 2017-18 school year. Roy-Hart voters approved the budget, 218 to 64.

Stephenson has been the Board's student representative for two years.

But the Eden budget did not gain even 50 percent approval, let alone the 60 percent needed for passage under the tax cap legislation. Ronald White, Lillian Tyree-Johnson and Douglass DeGroot are all seeking to continue serving on the Bridgehampton School Board.

School board member Marnie Morrione lamented the divisive budget year.

Farmington - 12 7 p.m.

In addition, the $144.2 million budget, an increase of 2.4 percent over last year's fiscal plan, passed by a vote of 1,108 to 285, according to tentative results.

Three incumbent candidates, Timothy Anderson, William VanAllen and Arnold Rychlicki were re-elected to three-year terms on the Board of Education.

Poll watchers will be available to assist anyone who needs instructions on how to cast a write-in ballot.

New York School Districts Brace for Budget Votes