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Audiologist Weighs In On 'Yanny Vs. Laurel' Debate

17 Mai 2018

"Even here in Laurel Mississippi the debate between Yanny and Laurel is still split".

While the audio debate may never be settled, it didn't stop Serious News Organizations from calling in expert linguists and making high-tech tools so you can hear both names.

I couldn't hear anything else until CBC Radio sound producer Lee Rosevere pointed out the science behind one of the most divisive debates this week. "Didn't you say you heard Yanny before?" It can also change for an individual depending on what device you use for playback. How one hears it is similar to how people viewed a dress on the internet three years ago.

"But in this case we have an isolated sound with no context", forcing people to rely on a variety of other factors such as voices they've listened to recently.

"What we do know is when you modulate the base of each word you may hear one or the other", said Cavanaugh. But it all boils down to our brains interesting the same set of data differently.

The picture about does not contain a single red pixel. So your brain makes the decision.

What is it? Brown and black, or blue and white.

What's causing 10,000,000 people to hear such different sounds?

"As we found out in our experiment where our listener did not have those two choices, they came up with the third solution, because they weren't biased by having the two choices", Geddes said.

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A odd audio clip has taken over, making people question their hearing. So I tell the people I work with, if someone doesn't understand something that you're saying, don't say the same thing over and over. RT so we can avoid the whole dress situation.

Audiologist Weighs In On 'Yanny Vs. Laurel' Debate