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Deadpool interrupted Colbert's monologue to do some Trump jokes

17 Mai 2018

That gives Deadpool 2 a chance to pass the $132.4 million opening of the 2016 original to claim the record for highest-grossing USA debut for an R-rated film. Did you hold anything back or save anything thinking that there would be a sequel? There's a numbing sameness to the casual bloodshed here that makes the viewer nearly long for the relative calm of the first film's lengthy pop culture digressions. As you know from the trailers, Cable's after a young mutant named Russell (Julian Dennison) and Deadpool's trying to stop him.

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with KISS 92, he declares: "Singapore will love Deadpool 2, it is literally the best one yet".

Was it a surprise to you that your role in the first made such a big impact? So I was a bit nervous that the fans of the comic books would be like upset or something that I was taking up the screentime in the movie. I think my character has a bigger arc. It was a blast.

All you need to enjoy this film is an appreciation for juvenile humor, an ability to deal with ludicrous violence and at least a working definition of dubstep. For the second, I have worked for three months.

"It's been unbelievable but I'm excited to just stay put for a minute", he says. And at the beginning, I let him know that I'm ready for more responsibilities but he doesn't agree with me.

Does he get to go after his girl this time? So that's where it starts then it goes to all kinds of insane places which people will know soon enough but I am not allowed to spoil.

Ryan Reynolds is determined to prevent his kids with wife Blake Lively from becoming child stars, insisting it's a "crazy pursuit". In a very amusing but bloody sequence, she proves to be the sole survivor of an airborne assault by a team of hapless mutants, including characters played by - if ever so briefly - Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard, Lewis Tan and one uncredited celebrity, making a delightful, if gruesome, cameo. His rapid-fire joke delivery always lands and the obnoxiousness of it all makes room for viewers to ignore the slower pace of emotional scenes.

He sounds flawless for the character then? It's a character so indelibly linked to the actor that you can not imagine anyone else playing him. She has a lot of fun with her deadpan lines, bemoaning the choices that led her to get involved with Deadpool's mission. Well, believe them! The movie also doesn't shy away from the gore, justifying the R-rating to fullest.

Ryan Reynolds tells Collider that while there is not a script for the X-Force movie yet, there is a story that has been agreed upon, so while this one won't be jumping into production next week, the movie is certainly moving forward.

What follows is a battle between Cable and Deadpool over the boy, which means you're treated to a good old-fashioned prison breakout, a truck chase, a multitude of explosions, dozens of slo-mo near death moments and a finale involving a multitude of super powers.

Ryan Reynolds discusses a scene with director David Leitch on the set of Deadpool 2.

The real difference between two films is the budget.

In fact, Reynolds admits that the experience will probably haunt the toddler for a long time to come.

Actually, in this one, it's the same kind of thing but even more.

Oh, I'm not so sure about that.

Deapool may pop out of coffins i teh movie, but some of his cameos still try and keep out of sight.

Instead he goes with: "You're so bad in The Goonies that people don't drink; they just punch themselves in the dick for five straight minutes".

They haven't really said anything.

Are you and the producers going to address T.J. Miller at all, since he's been in the headlines recently?

Deadpool interrupted Colbert's monologue to do some Trump jokes