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Microsoft plans to take on iPad with low-priced Surface tablets

17 Mai 2018

This has led to a string of quarterly gains.

Microsoft last released a device in the lower-cost category in 2015 with the Surface 3, which started at $499 and featured a 10.8-inch screen. Whether it boosts Microsoft stock remains to be seen. Microsoft's Surface hardware business had sales of $4.4B in the same period. However, the device didn't receive good response from the consumers and reviewers, forcing the brand to close the production of the Surface RT.

Each model will have a 10-inch screen, which is comparable to the standard iPad, though it's noticeably smaller than the Surface Pro laptops. Using "Dynamic rotation" the Surface Hub 2 is also able to rotate to either a portrait or landscape orientation depending on the needs of a particular task.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is planning to release some low-priced Surface tablets later this year. The tablet is also set to feature Intel processors and graphics cards, as well as the full version of Windows 10 Pro, says Bloomberg.

If this scheme sounds more than a little familiar, it should. And this being Microsoft, there are expected to be multiple SKUs. In fact, its first attempt was a disaster.

However, the firm later discontinued the Surface RT in 2017. Features that can enhance learning experiences could help Microsoft see more Surface tablets being used in classrooms. For Microsoft, it would be a mountain task to bring back the already dying Windows platform to the tablets.

Many would consider the Android tablet market to be all but dead and Apple to be the king of tablets. Microsoft registered 2% decrease in revenue from the Surface line in the fiscal ending June 2017. As cool as the Surface Hub 2 is, your company probably isn't going to buy it, and it's far too expensive to warrant having one in your home or snapping one up for your startup. Rs 27,000), this Surface tablet will have rounded edges similar to the iPad, reported Bloomberg.

Microsoft plans to take on iPad with low-priced Surface tablets