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YouTube Music rumored to launch on Tuesday along with rebranded YouTube Premium

17 Mai 2018

After several months of delays, YouTube Music is relaunching its subscription service on Tuesday, which will be available as an ad-supported (i.e. free) model and as a Premium model for $9.99 per month, with various bundle options for other Google services. The YouTube team is planning a not insignificant change to YouTube Red, the subscription service that not only removes ads from YouTube but also allows access to YouTube original content, including the popular Cobra Kai. Graduating up is YouTube Music Premium, which for $9.99 a month offers background listening and downloads, without those pesky ads, a blog post explains.

Google just announced YouTube Music in the middle of the night. While artists get paid for their videos through advertising on Youtube, many music studios have complained about how the current situation greatly benefits YouTube over the original artists. YouTube Premium will be charged at $11.99 for all new members, the company said. Meanwhile, Google Play Music subscribers get access to Music Premium as part of their subscription. YouTube Music Premium will be available on a standalone basis for US$9.99 per month (US price). The updated music service includes personalized playlists, improved recommendations, and revamped apps for mobile and desktop.

United Kingdom availability is coming, but at present, you're taken to a site where you can see a "sneak peek" of shows you can't watch.

YouTube Music
YouTube launching a new music streaming service on May 22

The new service promises the chance to stream millions of tracks alongside YouTube's vast catalog of rarities and remixes uploaded by users.

The split makes a lot of sense when you consider how many people use YouTube for playing music for free despite a plethora of excellent streaming experiences like Spotify and Apple Music. With YouTube Premium, you'll be free of ads, able to play videos in the background, or download them for offline playback. YouTube Premium isn't YouTube Music Premium, although YouTube Music Premium is included.

YouTube Premium success, however, will depend on one factor that YouTube Red has so far failed to address: YouTube Originals. It will be initially available in markets where YouTube Red is available, though no word on when that transition will happen.

YouTube Music rumored to launch on Tuesday along with rebranded YouTube Premium