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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Mode Officially Revealed

18 Mai 2018

"Black Ops 4" gets rid of all of that for a more grounded experience that longtime fans will be more accustomed to. "More than 200 million players have called Black Ops home, and they've played for more than 15 billion hours".

As a final note, Treyarch mentioned they have a new plan for Black Ops' competitive League Play that will be directly integrated into the game.

The game developers stressed more nuanced game play, with improved sound and graphics capabilities like more refined muzzle flashes and better audio for improved orientation. Gameplay-wise, the team will be providing customisable tools and social systems that will turn the mode into an evergreen mode that keeps players coming back again and again.

Black Ops 4's standard multiplayer mode, revealed with an action-packed trailer, is all about the classes.

Just in terms of content alone, that's more than the series has ever had to begin with, but there's more to come. This means that the Thrust Jump (a type of double jump) will not have a presence in this title and that it will not be possible to run through the walls. The three modes that were revealed were its tactical-focused multiplayer mode, the return of the undead with Zombies, and the battle royale mode known as Blackout.

This short trailer was the only hint we got of how the new blackout mode would look and feel.

Voyage of Despair is set aboard the RMS Titanic, an iconic and monumental setting where our four protagonists discover the truth that befell the doomed passengers on that fateful night.

Black Ops 4 has "made more improvements to the weapon systems than Black Ops 1, 2, and 3 combined". The new Blackout mode will include the requisite massive map, and characters, weapons, and references from the entire Black Ops series.

If you've been tuning into all of the rumors floating around and about regarding Blops 4, you'll know that a battle royale mode is in the works.

First of all, it's introduced Blackout - Treyarch's take on the massively popular Battle Royale genre, which promises to be a high-fidelity, core FPS version of the genre popularised by Fortnite and PUBG (we have more impressions on that over here). Black Ops 4 also reintroduces difficulty levels and an in-game tutorial to onboard new players to the Zombies universe, while giving hardcore players the option of ratcheting up the challenge. Players vie for control over three fixed points on the map, with a limited number of shared lives across the team. However, an enterprising Reddit user took the time to count the little dots on the simulated map from the Black Ops 4 trailer and counted 140 players. The port is being handled by Beenox and features dedicated servers, uncapped framerate, 4K resolution and HDR support, and a redesigned user-interface.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Mode Officially Revealed