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Mike D'Antoni: Rockets Played "Soft" in Game 3 Blowout Loss

21 Mai 2018

I say Kevin has to win this year or next year and then another one. That Game 6 loss was distressing both because of the final score and because of its finality.

"There's obviously that anticipation when you come in transition and you find an open look and there's a collective hush in the crowd, especially in this building", Curry said.

"I think we'll be fine", said Thompson.

Under pressure from Paul, Curry swished a three from way back with 5:06 left in the third.

"I blacked out", he told reporters.

For Curry, his pure releases brought pure relief. Next game is Wednesday night in Houston. The Warriors scored 23 fast break points and 28 points off turnovers compared to just eight giveaways of their own.

At various points in the game, head coach Mike D'Antoni couldn't hide his anger at the way his team was playing. Steph Curry snapped out of his coma scoring 35 (he had 34 in the first two games combined) as the teams await game four in Oakland on Tuesday. Such is Curry's unique force: He can turn a close game into an identity crisis in three minutes flat. The offensive boost Curry provided seemed to fuel the Warriors on the other end of the floor. If you want points, you have to play well.

In Game 2, the Rockets took a step forward, proving that they could beat the Warriors if they played the right way. Since the game was at Oracle Arena, the statement made sense.

Though Harden played a great game making more than 50% of his shots from beyond the arch it was not enough.

The pattern has been unmistakable: Once Harden and the Rockets lose hope in the playoffs, they collapse.

Going into Sunday's game, I maintained that Curry was healthy - that his knee wasn't the problem.

He tried to hedge the Rockets' high screens to target Curry, and while those didn't work, it was a good idea.

Game 3 looked too much like Game 1.

All of which explains why Rockets star James Harden wasn't about to argue with his coach's assessment.

Yes, away from the game, these two are now talking a good game. We had 19 turnovers. He has only a pair of three-pointers in two games, or three fewer than PJ Tucker. The 2018 MVP favorite was left almost speechless. He's still one of the best layup shooters, free-throw shooters and three-point shooters in the league.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the Warriors' favor is they recognize how fatal these imperfections will be if they continue against a team as stacked as the Rockets.

The 41-point margin of defeat was the largest in the Rockets' postseason history.

Mike D'Antoni: Rockets Played