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Box-Office Preview: 'Solo' Headed for Lowest Opening of Disney 'Star Wars' Movies

26 Mai 2018

He's not the only OG Star Wars presence to have an opinion on the Han Solo movie, however. If Star Wars were Monty Python, Solo is more akin to And Now For Something Completely Different than Life of Brian. That plan goes awry. "And then it was quite amusing, cause I went back to shooting Game of Thrones quite quickly after finishing this, and he paid us a visit there, as well, so that was kind of interesting...'Remember me?"

Not that long ago, a new Star Wars movie was a novelty.

Nevertheless, Solo: A Star Wars story does accentuate numerous strongest aspects of the rebooted franchise, namely its uncanny knack for casting.

But there are also instances when a character appearance can be detrimental to the cause.

Solo is opening in most points around the globe timed to its USA launch, including China, for a projected worldwide start of $300 million-plus.

The reasoning for this? And despite some on-set turmoil that ultimately ousted the LEGO Movie filmmakers, when Ron Howard took over as director, Waller-Bridge was still empowered to give her own spin on the material - as well as her own physical approach to the character.

With the new "Star Wars" standalone film "Solo" out in theaters tonight, those not too savvy on the galaxy far, far away might have some questions on where this fits in with the rest of the films.

What's Maul been doing since we last saw him?

Rebels reveals that after the Clone Wars and the fall of the Republic, Maul waited out the transition of power in the galaxy by hiding on the planet Malachor. One might assume he was dead. "They wanted a droid to be really flexible, and because she'd created herself, she had created joints that could move in all directions and she could cross her leg and sit slouched in a chair".

So let's just call it "Solo".

With his brother he also formed the criminal organisation The Shadow Collective, which featured in several storylines during the Clone Wars and may prefigure his involvement in Crimson Dawn.

"Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back": Three years after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has regrouped - with Darth Vader leading the hunt for Luke Skywalker.

Meanwhile, the Jedi's evil counterparts, the Sith, have resurfaced.

What does Maul's cameo mean for future Star Wars films?

But before all that drama took place, the erstwhile directors had reportedly cut together a teaser trailer to be shown at Celebration, only to pull a U-turn at the 11th hour. In other words, he's a walking spoiler alert. Working under the thumb of crime boss Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany as a literal Scarface) and his top lieutenant and Han's old flame, Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke), there's a thrilling twist on the train robbery, narrow escapes and double crosses galore.

"And to maybe delve deeper into the mistakes she makes, when she makes them".

There's a lot for fans to digest as the film speeds through a check-list of Han's origin components, like how he meets Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and how he comes across the Millennium Falcon. Kasdan also would have liked to have had more explicitly queer moments in the film.

The biggest problems critics find with the new addition to the "Star Wars" world are with the cramped and overplayed nature of Disney-run "Star Wars" and with Ehrenreich's performance as the main character.

But for some, the differences make "Solo" a refreshing film.

Box-Office Preview: 'Solo' Headed for Lowest Opening of Disney 'Star Wars' Movies