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Ivanka Trump Dismisses Critics of Baby Pic Tweet as 'Trolls' Bullying Her

02 Juin 2018

Ironically, while Trump often portrays undocumented immigrants as risky criminals, French President Emmanuel Macron this week met with an undocumented migrant who has been proclaimed a hero for scaling an apartment building to save a young child hanging from a balcony.

The Trump administration is targeting children - migrant and refugee children - to achieve its policy goal at the border, crack down on immigration, and placate its far right base. That gives an incentive for people to head to the United States, they argue.

HHS has said it has no legal responsibility to trace these children. Mr. Trump ended an Obama-era program that protected the Dreamers but it remains in effect due to federal court rulings.

Under a court settlement that prohibits the long-term detention of illegal immigrant children, USA authorities have placed tens of thousands of teenagers with parents or other relatives - or in foster homes, as a last resort.

Other liberal activists also linked to the Arizona Republic story using the hashtag "WhereAreOurChildren, " which grew out of testimony in April by a federal official that the U.S. government had lost track of almost 1,500 unaccompanied minor children it placed with adult sponsors in the United States. While HHS swears it isn't done as a deterrent, then-DHS Secretary John Kelly said in March of 2017, "In order to deter more movement along this terribly risky network, I am considering exactly that".

The President poured oil on the fire on Saturday.

The complaint announced Thursday targets the Trump administration's separating of parents and children crossing the U.S. -Mexico border. Unaccompanied minors from non-neighboring countries must be turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services for resettlement within three days of arrest, as opposed to being held in lengthy detention, and children with their families also can not be held in lengthy detention.

"All we want to do is protect our families".

A petition set up by protest organizers demanding that the Trump administration "stop separating immigrant children from their families IMMEDIATELY" has reached at least 24,339 signatures.

Numerous posts blamed the Trump administration for holding the children, citing Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement earlier this month that the administration was changing its policy about people illegally entering the US.

Mueller was appointed by Trump's deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, and before that was named Federal Bureau of Investigation director in 2001 by Republican President George W. Bush.

When parents are arrested and taken in for processing to an adult detention facility, the children are not taken with them.

It's not highly unusual to fail to keep track of many minors who came unaccompanied to the border. "Here they're doing zero-tolerance policy to punish families and send a message to their home countries: Don't do this".

"If you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you".

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly first floated the idea of separating families a year ago, calling it a tool to discourage migrants from attempting the journey.

A controversy erupted after Wagner testified in April before a Senate committee that the agency in 2016 conducted a limited "safety and well-being" call to around 7,600 children that had been in its care but was unable to locate around 1,500 children and their sponsors.

Now facing a new surge, the Trump administration has expanded prosecutions, making them the standard rather than the exception under a new zero tolerance policy.

"You have a purposeful abuse of children for political gain", said David Leopold, the former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The photos were accompanied with veiled diatribes aimed at the Trump administration.

"It's that simple", Sessions said last month at a press conference at the U.S. -Mexico border.

Trump critics say that claim is specious and obfuscates the current administration's break with standard practice.

So Ivanka took to Twitter to proudly share a touching moment with her baby amid news that her father's administration pretty much lost 1,500 kids that were taken away from their parents.

Ivanka Trump Dismisses Critics of Baby Pic Tweet as 'Trolls' Bullying Her