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Apple to debut phone-to-phone augmented reality

03 Juin 2018

The initiative, called "Digital Health", will monitor how much time users spend on devices, but it's unclear if it will also include tools that help users silence their phones using new gestures or settings, or otherwise disengage from their devices.

It's that time of year again where thousands of developers head to Silicon Valley for Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference, aka WWDC.

However, it is still not clear what specific features will the new Apple app exhibits.

While we don't know the scope or specifications about Apple's digital health tools, we won't have to wait long to find out. It will also support for widgets, including Weather, Music app, Stocks app, etc.

"There is no consensus on what constitutes healthy device usage".

A few days back we reported about the app, Siempo that can kill your smartphone addiction by minimizing distractions and prioritizing notifications that appear on your home screen. According to him, we had the tools and data to allow us to understand how we consumed digital media, it just needed to be refined so that we could draw conclusions from that data. Put simply, iOS 12 might be interesting, but iOS 13 is where the excitement really lies.

First introduced in spring 2016, the iPhone SE brought numerous features of the iPhone 6S into the iPhone 5 and 5S' body, creating a capable, smaller iPhone option.

A customer tests the features of the newly launched iPhone X at VIVA telecommunication store in Manama, Bahrain, November 3, 2017. Apple has been emphasizing the HomePod's high-fidelity acoustics, including the ability to pair two devices in stereo mode, in an effort to distinguish its product from Google's and Amazon's speakers, which primarily serve as hubs for those companies' voice-activated assistants. The iPhone software update usually comes for free in September, shortly after the company unveils its latest iPhones. It will enable iOS apps to run on the Mac and thus, it will offer more room to the users. The SE2 has been touted to be released "soon" since the start of the year, but more concrete evidence was found by French site Consomac, which discovered that Apple had registered new phone models Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). Samsung is not a fan of notches on the display screen as like Apple did with iPhone X. Till now there is no sign of notched Samsung Galaxy phones and nothing has been materialized yet. However, those won't be ready until sometime "later this year".

Third-party apps are already catching up with the native company's app and moving into the digital will not be a big deal for the developers. We'd like to see a feature similar to Google's Multiple Actions - where you're able to make different requests at once.

Apple to debut phone-to-phone augmented reality