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IOS 12 introduces new features to reduce interruptions and manage Screen Time

04 Juin 2018

Federighi noted that while just 6 percent of Android handsets have the latest version of Google's mobile operating system installed, 81 percent of Apple users have iOS 11 - and the wide range of supported devices for iOS 12 means this impressive statistic is likely to remain pretty much unchanged.

Apple has said that IOS 12 will work on all the devices that iOS 11 supported, and it's actually focussing a lot on those older devices. The Photos app will be smarter in iOS 12. For instance, all your calendar notifications will be stacked on top of each other and you can dismiss them at once.

With the statement, Apple's event will definitely be available to watch on macOS, iOS, and Windows if you're using Safari or Microsoft Edge. Finally. Yes. This is not a drill. You can also set Do Not Disturb to automatically activate or deactivate when you're in a meeting or at a certain location. Users will also be able to set a time limit for themselves on a particular app. In addition, Animoji has expanded to feature a ghost, koala, tiger, and T. rex. You go beyond this point at your own risk.

If you're having trouble after trying the above methods, there are two nuclear options you can resort to if you're desperate to keep up with events. But I wouldn't recommend doing that in public. Alongside these changes, the Do Not Disturb system also got new features. Kind of like Snapchat. The feature also integrates with messages and you can dial a whole group chat from within your Messages app. Photos An all-new For You tab surfaces favorite moments in one place, combining Memories and iCloud Shared Albums.

"You can make decisions about how much time you'd like to spend with your device each day", Apple's Craig Frederici told developers. New augmented reality tools promise more robust AR experiences.

Siri Suggestions then uses those shortcuts to, well, suggest you something you might have forgotten.

Using the new Siri Shortcuts app, iPhone owners can build customized actions for Siri to perform upon hearing a given command. Apple revealed improved rendering, better face tracking, 3D object detection and experience sharing.

"We think this is going to be helpful for many people, but especially for some kids", said Federighi while unveiling the app. Apple is also expected to discuss its plans for pairing its devices with healthcare initiatives and could at least discuss some long-awaited hardware, like a new iPad Pro. Described as "something like AR Quick Look", it's coming to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Memoji will let you create an avatar based on your own looks.

The Stocks app has been rebuilt - with Apple News tucked inside.

Voice Memos has been redesigned too and it's now available on the iPad.

Apple Books: iBooks is gone for a new Apple Books branding, a new store for books, and more.

Siri is getting a boost in iOS 12, with a new feature called "Shortcuts".

Group FaceTime is the next big thing in iOS 12.

IOS 12 introduces new features to reduce interruptions and manage Screen Time