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Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference

05 Juin 2018

How is Apple addressing smartphone addiction?

In the wake of lawsuits centered on Apple's decision to purposefully slow down old models of iPhones, the purported focus of Apple's iOS 12 is improving the speed and performance of both new and old phones, as well as eliminating some bugs.

As expected, Apple unveiled the latest version of iOS for mobile devices, with iOS 12 promising improved performance among a bunch of other new features.

Whether this is a feature or not is debatable, but iOS 12's support for older devices is a great aspect of the operating system. iOS 12 will run on the iPhone 5S and higher, the iPad Mini 2 and higher, the iPad Air and higher, and the iPod Touch 6th Gen.

Apple is testing technology to bring iOS apps to Apple desktops, but it's denied, with quite literally a giant "NO", that it's going to merge iOS and MacOS. Discover With the new Discover tab, each week users can find in-depth editorial about the best Mac Apps through stories and collections and see what's most popular with top charts. Reports also tracks what apps are sending you the most notifications. Of course, they could always just increase the time limit, so they'll need to rely on at least a little willpower to adhere to whatever limits they set for themselves.

Shortly after talking about its new iPhone capabilities to restrict attention, Apple turned to the Watch, and demonstrated new features that let a user view web content on their wrist, all while competing against friends in workouts on a stationary bike. The official iOS 12 press release simply states the update will join the public beta "later this month", meaning some time in June. Finally. Yes. This is not a drill. You can get a quick overview of your unread notifications when you disable the mode though. This will give you a weekly activity summary that details how you used your iPhone or iPad for the week-how much time you're spending on your device, what apps you're using the most, how often per hour you're picking up your phone, which apps are sending the most notifications, and more.

There are plenty of new features and improvements to get excited about if you look beyond the technical jargon and tools that only developers care about. Coming with the update are four new characters - a tiger, a koala, a T-Rex, and a ghost - as well as Memoji. They can even tell when you stick your tongue out and copy that gesture! Kind of like Snapchat.

Apple also rolled out group video chat sessions with up to 32 users, putting it in direct competition with companies such as Cisco Systems Inc and Microsoft Corp's Skype. It also integrates with iMessage, so you can invite others in a group to join your call right from iMessage.

Likewise, a segment of new Apple Watch upgrades started with a rundown of features meant to motivate owners to be more fit. All powered by on-device machine learning. With a single app for all machines, Mac, iPad and iPhone users will get new features at the same time. They were there to hear about new features and products. Siri can even automatically suggest shortcuts every day based on your habits.

An Apple spokesman said the company relied on private access to Facebook data to let users post photos to the social network and other tasks without opening the social-networking app.

Shared Experiences: ARKit 2 brings multi-user ARKit experiences, so you can play a game together, or play around with AR objects in the real world together, at the same time. So maybe they'll be useful, after all.

Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference