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The 6 Biggest New iPhone Features Apple Just Announced

05 Juin 2018

Here's a look at some of the standouts from Apple's WWDC. According to Apple's tests on an iPhone 6 Plus, apps laucn 40 per cent faster, the system keyboard loads 50 per cent faster, and the camera now opens 70 per cent faster as well.

App Limits: You can now limit your app usage, but you can ignore the limit if you want to.

What are the biggest new iOS 12 features? Dark Mode turns everything from the desktop background to windows to a darker hue, better for people editing photos, writing code or working late at night. Apple doesn't release public betas of watchOS, as there's no way to downgrade the device if things go wrong.

Also new is the ability to challenge friends to activity competitions, sync and store podcasts from Apple Podcasts on your watch, and add content from third-party apps on the Siri watchface. Read on for answers to all those questions and more from WWDC 2018.

With ARKit 2, Apple is setting an AR course for the next several years, a course that, crucially, revolves around AR being a social experience. This is the first modern iOS release that will be made available to all devices that now support iOS 11. That's a huge deal, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for Apple's new iOS 12 release. Memoji will let you create an Animoji of yourself, giving you options for skin color, hair style, freckles, glasses, and more. LEGO, the maker of interlocking toy blocks, showed off an app in which two players using iPads could put out a virtual fire blazing on a physical house made of LEGOs.

Apple also rolled out new tools for augmented reality, saying users would be able to share worlds in games, for instance.

And with 3D object detection, ARKit 2 can pick up objects of varying shapes and sizes with much greater accuracy. Previously, it allowed free trials of subscription-based apps, but now any app can offer a free trial. iOS 12 is getting some meaningful updates that will help you be more productive and potentially less distracted by your device.

The biggest focus though was hot new features for iPhone users running iOS 12, with a raft of new functions landing across the range.

Demos and apps along these lines have been around for years; most notably, Google debuted measuring with Project Tango a couple years ago. Plus, you'll be able to spice things up with Animoji and Memoji during these FaceTime conversations.

That maybe isn't something worth writing about in your annual holiday letter, but it's always fun to have the hottest new features before everyone else.

A small but very welcome upgrade, Apple has confirmed that its in-car platform CarPlay will add support for Google Maps and Waze in iOS 12. Another feature, Family Sharing, lets parents cut children off from using apps after a set amount of time daily. Check out all the details in our tvOS post. There's really nothing more to add on that front other than that those of you familiar with these apps on the iPhone and iPad will be right at home with the "desktop" counterparts. "Adobe is looking forward to bringing Lightroom CC, our industry-leading photography service, to the Mac App Store in the next year", said Bryan Lamkin, executive vice president and general manager of Digital Media at Adobe.

The 6 Biggest New iPhone Features Apple Just Announced