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Apple takes direct swipe at Facebook over privacy at WWDC

06 Juin 2018

Another important part of iOS 12 is digital wellness.

Apple has unveiled digital wellbeing tools to help people reduce the time they spend glued to their screens.

At a basic level, when using Measure, you find one end of the object or space you want to measure, and press the big + button, laying down a point. The app control will also limit the usage of your kids iDevices via pre-set time limits on app, downtime on specific hours (bedtime), or always allow some apps.

Notifications are getting improved in iOS 12.

The new features were announced at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose amounted to focusing on keeping its base of 1.3 billion users satisfied with their devices and catching up with some competitors.

A new tab "For you" is coming to the iOS 12 Photos app, filled with personalised suggestions on how to improve and share your pictures. Now you can dismiss groups of notifications at once and have more control over which apps notify you in the first place. Apple says that software will focus on optimizing performance. A Shortcut app will let users add their own action, reported The Verge.

When the iPhone X launched, closing apps was a little different than on other iPhones.

Animoji, the company's animated emoji which track a user's face, has been updated to include new animals, as well as the ability to detect if the person is sticking their tongue out. Memoji will let you create an Animoji of yourself, giving you options for skin color, hair style, freckles, glasses, and more.

These three things are pretty significant in terms of how people use iPhones, and it'll make older iPhones feel a lot snappier and faster than they are running on iOS 11 or other previous versions of iOS. "Group FaceTime", as it's called, will support up to 32 users in the same conversation.

Beyond the social media update, Apple also said the new software updates will create and store strong passwords and flag reused passwords so users can change them. You can snooze this alert, and turn it off. Apple believes it will help children limit their screen time.

Using drag and drop steps, you can save the voice commands within individual apps.

watchOS 5 is available to registered developers now and will launch to the public in the fall. Apple is also planning an update to ARKit, its platform for developers to build augmented-reality experiences on iPhone and iPads, which it initially announced past year.

Many of these new Photos features revolve around the search function.

Apple takes direct swipe at Facebook over privacy at WWDC