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How Apple plans to simplify porting iOS apps to macOS

06 Juin 2018

Apple has unveiled macOS Mojave at its WWDC 2018 conference in San Jose, California.

Apple announced macOS updates after introducing iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS, suggesting how priority of its desktop OS has changed for the company over the past few years.

One other new feature of MacOS Mojave is desktop stacks, which automatically categorizes files on the desktop into stacks which you can go through to declutter your Mac's desktop space.

Naturally, we talked about macOS Mojave as well, and Dark Mode is especially useful to developers who spend countless hours looking at codes. Several of its own iPhone and iPad apps, including Apple News and Voice Memos, will be available inside macOS Mojave this fall. You'll also have the option to stack the files based onother attributes like date and tags. The feature seems to be meant to clean up the mess all the mac users you know. Any new content added to the desktop subsequently will be automatically added to specific stacks.

You will now be given immediate access to screenshots to make edits, similar to on the iPhone in iOS 11.

If you are interested in knowing which app you now have installed is 32-bit or 64-bit, just follow the steps outlined below.

This new update will bring suggestions to Siri.

Mojaves extends continuity support to the camera, by making it easier to initiate taking a photo or video right from the Mac, and being able to instantly add it to documents or other apps. The feature allows you to take photos with your phone camera and see those images directly on Mac.

Mojave expands macOS' selection of native apps to include News, Stocks, Voice Recorder and Home apps. It will also have some new augmented reality features, including a new file format that's being supported by Adobe called USDZ. And Apple still isn't overcoming the App Store's biggest issue, which is a dearth of high-quality apps.

After years of struggling, Apple revamped the Mac App Store last year. With a new Discovery tab, a lovely new UI, and more, the upgrade will make finding your new favorite apps more intuitive than ever before.

Group Facetime, which made its debut earlier in the keynote in iOS 12, will also be coming to macOS. All the features mentioned will be available to all iOS 12 compatible devices worldwide.

Gaming in Mojave should be faster (up to 20x, Apple says) and graphics more attractive, and developers will welcome the speed improvements in machine learning models.

The point of this undertaking is to make it significantly less complicated to bring a completed iOS app over to macOS without forcing the developer to do a bunch of unnecessary work. Millions of individuals use the Mac App Store regularly.

Unfortunately, Federighi continues to downplay the concept of a touchscreen Mac with the natural ability to handle an iOS app's original UI.

How Apple plans to simplify porting iOS apps to macOS