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Modern Mobility: Top Apple iOS 12 features helpful for the enterprise

06 Juin 2018

It will also add more control over the notifications which appear on screen.

In other announcements, there have been rumours of a new version of the company's iPhone SE being in development which could also be unveiled at the conference, as could a rumoured cheaper version of the HomePod smart speaker.

Earlier this year, Apple released an iOS software update with new features that gave users more visibility into the health of their iPhone's battery.

Kevin Holesh, founder of the Movement app which helps its 5.5 million users track their device usage, said that only a few minutes of use would be shaved off. "And the number of times I picked up the phone were too many".

iOS 12 is gaining support for group FaceTime calls.

The various users will be laid out on your screen in little tiles. Parents will be able to set app allowances for their children.

If you think this sounds like a headache waiting to happen, well, you're not alone. Face ID's predecessor Touch ID enabled users to register multiple users' fingerprints. Apple is also jumping on the digital wellness bandwagon with new screen time management tools.

You can now use groups in FaceTime to connect with even more people.

The new software is expected to be available as a free download later this year.

First time users need to send request to their friends who can then accept or decline the Walkie Talkie session. A new For You folder will keep all of these favourite moments in the one place.

The multiplayer capability of AR is entertaining, so you can finally share the experience of real objects with other people.

Apple is rolling out a new and improved Books app, renaming it Apple Books from iBooks. It requires an iPhone 5s or newer on the phone side. Here's a look at Apple iOS 12 features that you might have missed.

Do Not Disturb allows a user to silence message alerts and incoming calls, either for a set period every day or by activating manually. Still, preventing screenshots when the display is off should go a long way toward fixing one of the most annoying (and common) issues.

Screen Time is account-based and works across all of a child's iOS devices, so settings, reports and allowances are based on their total usage. There won't be separate notifications belonging to the same app.

2018 started Monday in Silicon Valley, the United States, with the launch of new updates and productivity tools for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Incoming notifications from the same source will now be grouped together for easier management.

The Photos app in iOS 12 will take photo face recognition a step further by making suggestions on who you might want to share the photos with, depending on the subject.

Modern Mobility: Top Apple iOS 12 features helpful for the enterprise