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Apple Changes App Store Guidelines To Allow Steam Link App

07 Juin 2018

Apple announced the latest macOS Mojave, which comes with new features such as improved screenshots, new Continuity features, along with the redesigned App Store to improve the overall user experience. It is now possible to get a dark Menu bar and Dock in macOS High Sierra, but macOS Mojave extends the darker colors to all system apps and the overall UI.

Meanwhile, on Apple's new iOS 12, the company announced a feature called Screen Time, which provides users with detailed information to enable them to better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites.

If you're looking to update macOS 10.14 Mojave you'll notice that the Software Update tool is no longer where it once was. While the developer preview of macOS Mojave is now available to Apple Developer Program members, the public beta of the new macOS will be available to Mac users in late June.

The new macOS, called Mojave, will now let users enter into something called Dark Mode. Though Apple shoved in warnings in iOS 10 suggesting that the end is coming for 32-bit apps, but it was a clear sign that Apple would carry over such a movement to its desktop operating platform, macOS.

First of all, and most obviously Apple is finally implementing a dark mode on in this release.

During the Apple developer conference yesterday, the company has introduced other features that will be included in its next-generation of Apple Watch operating system.

There are also rumors about Apple launching Universal Apps. In the same vein, Apple is bringing more of its iOS apps to the mac.

Users can customise their Stacks to sort based on other file attributes like date and tags. Some of the suggestions include making looped Live Photo or utilizing machine learning to identify the people in your photos so you can share them. Although dark mode is not something unheard of - phones nowadays often have it, and OnePlus 6 is one such example - traditionally computer OS like Windows and Mac have not been on the trend. This one is more universal, affecting all apps.

Over on Safari, Apple is also adding an option to block social networks such as Facebook or Twitter from tracking a user online using like buttons or similar implements. This includes Stocks, News, Home and Voice Memos. Any new content added to the desktop subsequently will be automatically added to specific stacks. And unlike recent macOS updates, there's a lot to love about Mojave.

A number of apps from developers, including Office 365 from Microsoft and Lightroom CC from Adobe will also soon find their way into the Mac App Store.

Mojave will be a free download later this September and will be compatible with Macs introduced in mid-2012 or later, plus 2010 and 2012 Mac Pros with Metal-capable GPUs. For starters, Apple's protections that check with users before granting app access are extending to the camera and microphone, as well as to sensitive aspects of the file system such as mail, messages, and backups. Apple also stressed that iOS 12 is designed with a focus on AR, with ARKit 2.0.

Apple Changes App Store Guidelines To Allow Steam Link App