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How Apple plans to help you spend less time on your phone

07 Juin 2018

Apple recently held its WWDC 2018 event in San Jose, California where it announced its forthcoming operating system. iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave were the major highlights of the keynote where several new forward-facing features were announced as well as upgrades made to the existing ones.

"Mass-deployment of fingerprinting protection is a game-changer for privacy engineering, and for users", said Dr Lukasz Olejnik, independent security and privacy researcher and consultant. The HomePod has previously only given users Siri controls to bring up songs with Apple Music.

The whole process is a lot more complex than the way Siri works on Apple Music.

All of these upgrades will be available later in the year with Apple expected to released iOS 12 in September alongside its next generation of iPhones.

Apple's Craig Federighi talks about the new Screen Time features at WWDC.

Apple announced a tech tool that will be known as Screen Time.

Maybe it's no longer a voice assistant, but just a name for shortcuts on the iPhone and iPad. In the demo, he joined an existing FaceTime with the tap of a button from Messages.

If you need some help staying off your phone or need to limit your use of certain apps, you can set time limits and essentially lock yourself out of apps until the following day.

A weekly report, too, will be sent to parents informing them on how much screen time their children are spending on their phones.

If you take the precedence of iOS 11, the iOS 12 public beta release will be around June 26. Using the iPhone X's front-facing camera setup, users can create a Memoji that looks just like them, or anyone else.

Do Not Disturb will feature new modes that automatically end based on a specified time, location or action.

It's a gentle, limited way of prodding us into a more wholesome, balanced approach to using our phones.

In addition, FaceTime is getting a huge boost with the reveal of the "group-calling" function.

The following process is to back up the device and to restore everything to factory settings.

Anyone expecting new hardware announcements may have been a little disappointed.

Earlier this year, two large Apple shareholders asked the company to do more to help parents prevent their children from becoming addicted to digital devices, NPR reported. Do it using iTunes so you're not dependent on the device connecting to the internet in order to restore your data.

How Apple plans to help you spend less time on your phone