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Danone joins fight against plastic waste in New Zealand

08 Juin 2018

"He said, the National mission on cleanliness and sanitation "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" has special focus on plastic waste management".

Jibril said, the theme of this year's celebration "Beat Plastic Pollution" with the action to "Love your Environment", was very apt for Nigerians in Nigeria, bearing in mind the nation's peculiar nature on plastic and polythene disposal. Plastic in oceans is likely to outweigh fishes by 2050.

Around 10 percent is incinerated without producing any energy and less than 10 percent ends up in landfill.

- Avoid single-use plastic bottles and cups, use reusable glass/metal bottles.

Shah said volunteers have cleared nearly 15 million kilograms of plastic from the beach near his home in the past three weeks. Estimates predict that the manufacturers will generate around three hundred and sixty million tonnes of the plastic this year itself.

"Within this period however, plastic has transformed everything from clothing, cooking, and catering to product design, engineering and retailing", due to its advantage of lasting for a long time, almost all the plastic ever produced, still exist in one form or the other today. Currently, all plastic bags used in Rwanda are biodegradable.

Deeply moved with these shocking figures, the United Nations Environment is concentrating on its ambitious goal named 'Beat Plastic Pollution'.

Every year, 91 countries, and hundreds of green awareness campaigns and organisations, including TGRC, come together to celebrate this significant day concerning our environment.

The Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN), an umbrella body of Impact Assessment Practitioners in Nigeria, has called on the Federal Government to develop, implement and enforce strong laws and policies that will curb the production and use of unnecessary single use plastics.

Ruhamya urged Rwandans to reject using single-use plastics including plastic straws, cups, plates and bottles, and find sustainable alternatives.

Stating that trees were essential for the survival of human beings, Collector asked people to plant trees in a big way and help for the protection of environment.

The institution made the appeal at a walk for the environment to commemorate the 2018 World Environment Day on Tuesday in Lagos.

"To meet the rising tide of plastics, we urgently need strong government leadership and intervention", the report said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address an event marking the World Environment Day today.

- Avoid buying convenient foods packaged in plastics.

If there is one man-made thing in the world that can claim omnipresence, it is plastic pollution.

Danone joins fight against plastic waste in New Zealand