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GOP leader McConnell cancels most of Senate's August recess

08 Juin 2018

Durbin, Illinois Democrat, said to CNN in reaction to the news August recess was scrapped. He made the announcement in a closed-door lunch with Republican senators, according to several people familiar with his comments who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

McConnell said Tuesday that Senate Republicans plan to use the August session to confirm more of the president's judicial and executive-branch nominees and to push ahead on appropriations bills for 2019. If Mr. McConnell goes through with a full August schedule, vulnerable Democratic senators would most likely face the prospects of skipping some votes in Washington to campaign at home - and risk being accused of shirking official duties.

Corker and other Republicans are pushing back on Trump's decision late last month to impose steep steel and aluminum on US allies, a move that analysts said pushed the United States closer to a trade war.

Democrats are aiming to maintain and defend 26 Senate seats this year, including two represented by independents in Vermont and ME as well as 10 in Trump-won states. Republicans have nine on the ballot. The majority of Republican senators and representatives have confirmed Trump's nominees, agreed to blow up the U.S. deficit, and generally declined to comment on unsavory details about his personal life.

Republicans are working with the narrowest of majorities as Sen.

Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, are likely anxious that a full five-week break would leave insufficient time to hammer out spending, increasing the possibility of a crippling government shutdown at the height of campaign season. "Given the fact that there are a lot more Democratic incumbents [up for reelection] in the Senate than Republicans. he wants to keep Democrats in Washington rather than campaigning".

When President Donald Trump declared that the US would be enacting steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum to the United States, he said that he was doing so on national security grounds.

Lawmakers say there was a deal Monday between Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, a Republican, and Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, a Democrat, to restore détente to the Senate floor after weeks of chaos and non-action.

"We Democrats welcome this additional time because it gives us the opportunity to address an issue that's on the top of the minds of so numerous American people, and one that Republicans have badly mishandled at this point: health care", Sen. But after the work conditions improved, the recess remained, allowing lawmakers to decompress, take foreign trips, campaign for reelection, and ramp up fundraising. With every House seat up, many Republicans have privately concluded their majority on one side of the Capitol may be all but gone. Ten of those seats are in states won by Trump, including Nelson's here in Florida.

Last year, McConnell also announced he would delay the chamber's five-week August break by two weeks. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. "If we believe our own rhetoric - on trade, tariffs and congressional prerogative - I hope it does come to a vote". "Now, if there comes a time that I realize it's not just horse trading and he's serious about starting a trade war, then I reserve the right to reconsider".

GOP leader McConnell cancels most of Senate's August recess