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How To Get iOS 12 Right Now

08 Juin 2018

Speaking to the crowded halls of the San Jose Convention Centre, Apple confirmed a series of new features and also outright denied it was planning to combine macOS with iOS-following persistent rumors.

The updates come after Apple faced backlash from investors and iPhone users over concerns about its devices becoming increasingly addictive and distracting for children.

At a WWDC developer session, the company detailed a new "Play Media" intent it was introducing to developers with Siri Shortcuts that will let users summon audio and video media from third-party apps.

Other digital wellbeing features to launch with iOS 12 include enhancements to the "do not disturb" feature, including a bedtime mode that dims the display and hides all notifications from the lock screen until prompted in the morning. This will be helpful at the beginning of a new lease, when trying to measure out your new place or decide what furniture to buy.

Demos and apps along these lines have been around for years; most notably, Google debuted measuring with Project Tango a couple years ago. On iOS, you'll see how you and your family use your i-devices to figure out.well, where all that time you spent watching YouTube or scrolling Facebook went. Notably, a new feature will automatically detect your cable provider so you'll no longer need to manually sign-in to streaming apps - something Apple calls "zero sign-on".

Other new features have also been added to the default macOS app Finder, but unless you're a photography nut, you won't really notice the new previewing and photo management features.

Whether this will open the door for an official Alexa app for Apple Watch remains to be seen. You'll also be able to set time limits for apps.

Screen Time will now be tied to an account, meaning that parents will be able to restrict and block out certain apps from being used on several devices, such as your kids' phone and iPad. Parents and children could have their own logins which would make parental controls much easier to manage.

The good news is that Apple is fixing that with iOS 12.

On June 4, 2018, at an event in WWDC, Apple announced its next-generation ARKit 2.0, which will enable developers to create world-class augmented reality apps in shorter periods of times.

iOS 12 will be available as a free software update for iPhones 5s and later, and the most recent iPads in the autumn.

How To Get iOS 12 Right Now