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'Fallout 76' to take place in West Virginia

12 Juin 2018

As previously confirmed, the game is a prequel to the entire Fallout series, but with a difference: It's an online multiplayer experience. That is, after he teased a Skyrim Alexa Edition which, honestly, looked pretty great. Every surviving human you meet in Fallout 76 is a real person, not an NPC.

My take? Bethesda is trying something new without drastically changing the game itself.

One of the big questions about Fallout 76 is whether or not it will support mods.

Bethesda revealed more details of Fallout 76, the latest game in the hit franchise, at their evening press conference at E3 yesterday. There must be a reason all the insane monsters we see aren't in Fallout 3, which is relatively close by geographically. Given we don't have a ton of time until Fallout 76 releases in November, we suspect this will be the only chance that players can try this title. Typically, a beta occurs a month or two before release, so expect a Fallout 76 beta some time in September or October. One bonus for the Switch version is that you can use the touchscreen or controller to play.

See how the game looks and get details on what it is and when you're going to be able to play it below. A common complaint (which is rare, the reception has mostly been positive since last night) that I'm hearing is that "I don't want to be forced to play with other people".

As we learned with Fallout: 76's reveal a couple weeks ago, the game takes place in West Virginia where players are some of the first people to emerge from the country's vaults on the tricentennial: 2076. It is an "untamed wasteland", and according to Bethesda, Fallout 76 figures to be the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the Fallout universe. You'll be able to see all of West Virginia's six distinct regions, each with their own styles.

'Fallout 76' to take place in West Virginia