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10 supermarket staples set to become more expensive with new European Union tariffs

24 Juin 2018

Now, the world is punching back.

The initial wave of European Union retaliatory tariffs is aimed at American goods worth €2.8 billion ($3.2 billion).

The threat came two days after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said no decision had been made on whether the United States would extend the steel and aluminum tariffs to carmakers.

What can now be considered a glimpse into a full-blown trade war continues to escalate, and according to the European Union's estimates, the 20 percent tariff on European vehicles would cause giants such as Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG, BMW AG to take a monumental financial blow of $5.2 billion. The rhetoric is already intensifying.

The EU trade commissioner acknowledged that it had targeted some iconic American items to increase political pressure on the US President and senior US politicians.

With their escalating trade feud showing little evidence of hurting their economies, the US and China aren't close to backing down.

The US has imposed tariffs valued at £25bn on Chinese goods - as well as on imports from Canada and Mexico. "Even if we get 100 percent Republican votes in the Senate, we need 10 Democrat votes to get a much-needed immigration bill", he tweeted, calling for GOP wins in 2018 to make future votes easier. If this investigation finds that the "national security" of the United States is compromised by a reliance on imports, than tariffs can be imposed.

Those personally in the line of fire are among the most concerned.

"If we chose products like Harley Davidson, peanut butter and bourbon, it's because there are alternatives on the market", said Jyrki Katainen, the European Commission's vice president for growth, jobs and investment, in a statement. "It's going to hit customers, that's for sure". They totally rely on us, which is fine with me.

How much? Roughly 10 percent more for a new vehicle, estimates show.

The move would be a huge escalation of Trump's ongoing trade conflict with the EU. Trump initially exempted the EU from the metal tariffs, but let the temporary reprieve expire after negotiations with the Europeans fell apart.

The US Commerce Department has a deadline of February 2019 to investigate whether imports of automobiles and auto parts pose a risk to US national security.

"Having ordered an investigation into whether auto imports are a national security threat, he has now undercut that by reaching his conclusion before the investigation has barely begun", Reinsch said.

Trump already hit Europe with steel and aluminum tariffs, angering European Union leaders and triggering retaliation. Volkswagen, less reliant on imports into the US, declined 1 percent.

The EU tariffs came into force just a week after China accused the United States of starting a trade war. But they lack the flexibility to quickly and inexpensively shift production from one model to another in response to rapidly shifting tariff threats, industry experts said.

So far, Rheinnecker has managed to pass along the higher costs to his customers.

The department rejected 56 exclusion requests from 11 different companies.

10 supermarket staples set to become more expensive with new European Union tariffs