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Protests and facility visits in Texas amid immigration confusion

24 Juin 2018

While the United States leader bowed to global outrage over the splitting of families, conflicting messages were contributing to a sense of chaos in the handling of the crisis.

And they're part of a growing number of parents who have taken to the federal courts demanding judges step in and force the government to give them daily updates on each of their children, to facilitate more phone calls, and ultimately reunite them with their children.

His administration's tough "zero tolerance" policies seeking prosecution for all illegal border crossers spurred bipartisan outrage this week, as images and accounts emerged of families being separated as a result.

Two leading Republicans say they'll keep trying to push a GOP immigration bill through the House.

With another tweet Friday morning, Trump again struck a more antagonistic tone on the issue, offering a preview ahead of his remarks at the White House with angel families - the loved ones of those killed by undocumented immigrants.

Trump often invited them to appear on stage at rallies or met with their families behind-the-scenes, attending the group's annual luncheon in Houston in September 2016 as he touted key campaign promises to build a wall and deport people who are in the USA illegally.

Donald Trump urged Republican politicians on Friday to drop their efforts to pass comprehensive immigration legislation until after the November mid-term elections, which he hopes will boost the party's majority in Congress. But for all the children who remain separated from their families, there is no clear timeline for their reunion. "Very unfair", he said.

Earlier this week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said during an interview on Fox News that the crying children recently separated from their families were "actors".

A further analysis by gender and race shows that there are some distinct demographic divisions when it comes to contending who is to blame for family separations at America's southern border.

Flanked by more than a dozen parents holding Trump-autographed posters of their deceased children, he did not make an explicit reference to the uproar over shelters where about 2,000 children have been detained separately from their parents in recent weeks. "We'll not rest until our border is secure, our citizens are safe and we finally end the immigration crisis once and for all", he said. No specific numbers were provided in the report.

"It's maddening because at every moment I ask myself, 'How is she?". Her third son can communicate but doesn't have a lot to say about his brothers because they're only together for an hour a day, the woman said. "What's happened to their children, what's happened to their husbands, what's happened to their wives", Trump said this Wednesday during a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota.

The presiding officer ordered Lieu to stop, but Lieu played the wails for four full minutes.

On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited a facility in the New York City area that may be housing some of the separated children. "Right now we have the dumbest and the worst".

The new group is connected to a Department of Health and Human Services office that usually deals with public-health disasters like epidemics and hurricanes - tacit acknowledgment that the job of reuniting the minors with their incarcerated parents is too daunting for the agency's small Office of Refugee Resettlement.

But it does not appear to have been the case in some towns straddling the border with Mexico.

He alleged that it is the stories of these families that the Opposition Democrats and people that are "weak on immigration" don't want to discuss.

The Villages has had a contract with the federal government - worth more than $5.9 million over two years - to house 50 unaccompanied immigrant children ages 6 to 18 since February 2017.

Protests and facility visits in Texas amid immigration confusion