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Suns make Bahamas' Ayton the top pick in National Basketball Association draft

24 Juin 2018

The Suns also had the 16th pick, which they used to choose Texas Tech freshman Zhaire Smith, who they immediately traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Mikal Bridges, who had been selected from Villanova with the 10th pick. Ayton will have a teammate that ranked top-five in Usage Rate last season in Devin Booker, but it shouldn't take long before the rookie becomes the team's No. 2 option, and the big man shouldn't destroy your FT%.

The Slovenian had an unforgettable season with Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid. The campers, more than 100 of them, chanted the younger Huerter's name as he came into the gym.

It's almost impossible to declare outright winners and losers hours after the draft has concluded (let alone years until players have fully developed), but there are stories and themes within the draft that qualify as positives and negatives.

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Do Knicks fans ever leave an National Basketball Association draft happy? Since Booker handles a lion's share of the Suns' ball-handling and playmaking duties, Bridges may be able to slide into a role in which he's asked to do little more than space the floor and knock down open triples.

He eventually ended up at Alabama and coached here last season when the Crimson Tide played in the Barclays Center Classic. "Watching him play and then working him out and interacting with him just checked every box for us". Walker has great size, above-average athleticism, good scoring instincts and with everything swirling around San Antonio in regards to Kawhi Leonard, it's no surprise the Spurs were in search of a wing. "Here we are, fast forward from seventh grade to finishing his sophomore year at Maryland, going from age 13 to 19 and he's getting drafted tonight". The steep price paid by Chicago to pick up a non-lottery selection from New Orleans (22nd overall) back in February also might have scared off potential opportunists.

"We're very hungry", Ayton said. In fact, 11 of 14 players selected in this year's lottery are 19 or younger. He is wearing suit shorts, similar to what LeBron James wore to a couple NBA Finals games and Draymond Green donned for last year's NBA Awards. He's accomplished things, and he has been seen in 5-on-5 against high-level competition for a number of years. But now the 76ers have moved from process to playoffs and are in position to add a major free agent to their core of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. "We put him through the ringer to push him". He's big and strong and has the tools to become a dominant offensive big man. Huerter will receive a guaranteed three-year contract worth almost $6 million overall.

The second pick was Duke University's athletic power forward Marvin Bagley III, who went to the Sacramento Kings.

He will instantly bring competitiveness, intensity and most importantly spacing to Phoenix next year, and will give the Suns a viable option down low - something that has been missing since Amare Stoudamire left the franchise. Between Bridges and 2017 #4 overall pick Josh Jackson, the Suns now have a pair of young wing defenders who can switch between positions interchangeably and clog up passing lanes.

Born in the Bahamas, Ayton, who turns 20 next month, moved to Phoenix during high school and says the majority of his family now live in Arizona.

Suns make Bahamas' Ayton the top pick in National Basketball Association draft